About Dome Tents

About Dome TentsDome tents are the most popular style of tent. They are easily found in stores and come in inexpensive versions for light campers and more expensive versions for the serious camper who will be camping in extreme weather conditions. Dome tents are made in a simple design that make them quick and easy to set up and take down, which contributes to the popularity of these tents.


The shape of dome tents makes them do well in rainy and windy weather conditions. The rounded roof reduces water leaks because rain does not pool on top of the tent. The rounded shape of the whole tent and lack of sharp angles makes the tent do well in extreme windy conditions. The dome tent does not have to be set up at any particular angle in the wind like walled tents do. Heavy wind can catch the sharp angles on a wall tent and knock it down.



Dome tents sizes range from very small to very large. Small dome tents are designed to sleep only one person. Some smaller dome tents do not have standing room. On the opposite side, very large dome tents can sleep whole families, and have standing room at the center of the tent. Some of the larger dome tents have separation walls that provide visual privacy between campers in the same tent.


Dome tents range in price anywhere from $20 to over $500. The wide price difference is due to the variety of quality that the dome tents come in. Dome tents come in three-season and four-season models. Three-season models are cheaper and can stand up to minor weather conditions. Four-season dome tents are more expensive and use sturdier materials, have more stakes to secure them and have a full rain fly for better rain protection.


When buying a dome tent, it is important to consider use, cost and weather conditions. If the tent is only going to be used for minor camping in good weather at a campground, quality is not as important. On the other hand, if the tent is going to be used for camping ithe wilderness and/or in bad weather conditions, quality is of the utmost importance. Four-season tents should be used for wilderness and bad weather camping. More expensive higher quality tents will have stronger stitching in the seams and will be made out of stronger materials to make the tent withstand harsher conditions and last longer.


Always use a ground cloth underneath the tent to prevent debris from poking a hole in the and to help prevent groundwater from seeping in. A ground cloth can be purchased at a camping supply store. Apply a sealant to all tent seams to increase waterproof protection. The sealant will also make the seams stronger and less likely to tear. Sealant can be purchased at camping supply stores. Keep a strong waterproof tape handy to tape up any holes in an emergency. Waterproof tape can be purchased at camping supply stores and home repair supply stores.

Article Written By Rose Kivi

Rose is an outdoor enthusiast who has respect for the environment. She volunteers her spare time working to rehabilitate wildlife and their habitats. She also teaches survival skills and leads groups on nature explorations.

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