About Cabin Tents

About Cabin TentsCabin tents are often called walled tents because of their shape, which provides straight walls. Cabin tents are a popular choice for long-term camping and for large group camping. The shape of the cabin tent provides a more spacious interior than any other type of similarly sized tent.


Cabin tents are usually quick and easy to erect, with many models taking no more than 5 minutes. The straight walls of the cabin tent allow standing room in all areas of the tent. The higher quality cabin tents offer protection from extreme weather conditions, providing warmth in even the coldest of climates.



Like most tents, cabin tents come in variety of sizes. Whether you are one person or a large group, chances are an appropriate-sized cabin tent is available.


Cabin tents are commonly available in materials made out of polyester, nylon and canvas. Canvas is the most popular choice for cabin tents because of the sturdiness of the material. The canvas cabin tents are more expensive than the polyester and nylon versions, but will last much longer. High quality cabin tent models have reinforced frames to make the structure of the tent sturdier in windy conditions.

For added privacy, many cabin tent models have room dividers that can be installed to section off different rooms inside of the tent.


Cabin tents are heavier to carry than other styles of tents, especially cabin tents made out of canvas. Considering the heavier weight of a cabin tent, they are not the best choice for hikers who will have to carry the tent over long distances. On the other hand, cabin tents are an optimum choice for extending camping, where interior space and superior weather protection would be ideal.

Canvas is the optimum material for a cabin tent that is going to be used in extreme weather conditions or for over a long term, since canvas lasts longer than the other materials and will provide more warmth in cold weather. Canvas is also a breathable material and will reduce the problem of moisture condensation inside of the tent that is common with polyester and nylon tents.


If cabin tents made out of canvas are going to be used in wet weather, it is important to make sure that they have a waterproof treatment applied to them. Many canvas tents come pretreated when they are purchased. If the tent has not been pretreated, waterproof treatment can be purchased at a camping supply store and sprayed on the canvas.


Article Written By Rose Kivi

Rose is an outdoor enthusiast who has respect for the environment. She volunteers her spare time working to rehabilitate wildlife and their habitats. She also teaches survival skills and leads groups on nature explorations.

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