New England Train Trips

New England Train Trips
Being located at the northern end of the Northeast Corridor, the New England states are home to a substantial number of commuter lines as well as Amtrak service. Also present in a few of the outlying areas of the region are a number of short scenic train runs that might be of interest to visitors and locals alike.

Rockport Commuter Train

Boston is the major metropolitan area in New England and boasts a fast and efficient subway as well as a large number of commuter lines. One route that is of particular interest is the commuter train line that runs from North Station (in Boston) to Rockport, an attractive seacoast town situated east of Boston. Also on this line are the historic Massachusetts towns of Salem and Gloucester, as well as a branch of the line that runs out to Ipswich Beach, a coastal natural area with a sandy beach, and Newburyport, another scenic coastal Massachusetts town. All alont the popular route, there are many things to do as well as popular seaside accommodations in Rockport, Gloucester and Newburyport. Round trip fares vary according to destination. Bikes are allowed on board except during rush hour. Here is a link for the Newburyport/Rockport line.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority


The Downeaster is a popular Amtrak train route that connects the North Station in Boston with Portland, Maine, a great jumping off point for the scenic coastline or the lake country of the Pine Tree State. The route is traversed several times a day in each direction by modern trains that come complete with a cafe and internet service. The train makes several stops along the way, which include the seaside resorts of Old Orchard Beach (summer only) and Wells in Maine, the University of New Hampshire at Durham and the large mill town of Haverhill, Massachusetts. The route will be extended northward to Brunswick, Maine. More info can be found at
Amtrak also has service from Boston to New York city and Albany.

Scenic Runs

Scenic trains can be found in every New England state, and they vary greatly from a short ride in a steam-powered train at Essex, Connecticut, to a 50 mile jaunt between Rockland and Brunswick in mid-coast Maine. Other highlights include a cog train that climbs Mt. Washington, a Cape Cod or Narraganset Bay scenic excursion or a trip along the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont. For more information on the many scenic New England train rides go to

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