Children's Hiking Clubs in the Los Angeles Area

Santa Monica Beach TrailFrom the beaches to the mountains, Southern California offers an incredible choice of outdoor activities and hikes for children. Los Angeles is no exception. From oceans, mountains, forests to deserts, L.A. is surrounded by natural terrain for kids to explore. With children's lives being so busy and sedentary, many parents are encouraging their kids to join children's hiking clubs to get them off of the video games and onto the mountains.

Sierra Club Angeles Chapter

The Sierra Club believes every child deserves outdoor experiences. To help widen children's horizons, expand their imaginations and improve their physical fitness, Sierra club helps form local hiking clubs through their Building Bridges to the Outdoors program. They work with local organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of L.A., local schools and with their members to organize hikes and other outdoor activities for children who live in an urban environment.

Community Hiking Club

The Community Hiking Club is a community-based program located in Santa Clarita (just North of LA) and is dedicated to organizing hikes and education children about local trails and wilderness throughout Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange counties. This program was created to support the youth of Los Angeles County who are most in need. The Community Hiking Club was founded on the belief that kids who experience exercise in a natural setting may continue to enjoy these activities throughout their lives. They believe this is an ideal form of local recreation with benefits that will last a lifetime.This website provides information about upcoming hikes for children in the Los Angeles area.

OC Hiking Club

The OC hiking club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting men, women and children out of the house and into California's wilderness through social hiking activities. They specialize in connecting "at risk" kids with nature. They are dedicated to helping abandoned /abused and disadvantaged youth get outdoors on social day hikes and specialize in helping children who are in foster care.


Article Written By Jamie Latta

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