New Jersey Hiking Clubs

New Jersey Hiking Clubs
Even though it is not traditionally known for its scenic beauty, New Jersey is home to a variety of regions perfectly situated for advanced and casual hiking. Hiking clubs within the state help bring hikers together to take advantage of the oak and pine forests to the south or the Atlantic coast to the east.

Harriman Hikers

Since the 1970s, Harriman Hikers have been meeting in the south parking lots of the Ramapo College of New Jersey. The group meets every Sunday at 10:30 a.m., rain or shine, as of November 2009. This club is for intermediate hikers, who are able last seven to eight miles over hills and through rocky terrain. The group is unique in that it caters to singles who would rather find a potential mate on the trails than at the bars. Hikers are expected to bring their own gear, and plenty of water and food. While the group mostly hikes Harriman State Park, other locations are sometimes chosen. Hike destinations are scheduled the morning of the hike, by the hike leader, based on the weather, the size of the group and trail's accessibility.

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference

The New York-New Jersey Trail conference is a nonprofit organization that consists of a collection of more than 100 clubs and membership surpassing 10,000 people. The conference has been around since 1920 and works toward preserving trails in the region for future hikers to enjoy. The group works with private landowners and government agencies to meet their goals. Members receive discounts at many outdoors outlets and are also invited to join in training workshops as well as volunteer projects.

Adventures for Women

Adventures for Women is a hiking group that aims at teaching women how to have fun in the outdoors while learning skills and gaining confidence. Volunteer hiking guides are hiking enthusiasts that range from teachers to students to office jockeys to stay-at-home mothers. They host hikes for beginners, intermediate and advanced hikers. A comprehensive guide schedule can be found on its website, with hike locations, times and skill level required. The group publishes a biannual newsletter as well as periodic articles on hiking-related issues. The club is also a part of the New York-New Jersey Conference. Adventures for Women meets at least once if not twice or more a week.

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