The 10 Best Dry Flies

The 10 Best Dry Flies
When attempting to narrow the literally hundreds of different dry fly patterns down to only ten, there are many things which must be considered. A fly must be a representation of an insect or insects which tend to inhabit a vast majority of fishing waters. A fly must also be well know for attracting as well as enticing a trout to feed. Through the years, as flies have developed and evolved, there are particular patterns which tend to be go to selections for many fishermen.

The Adams

The Adams dry fly is perhaps one of the most widely tied and fished flies in the world. Responsible for catching literally thousands of trout, this fly is a must have and go to for many fishermen. The Adams may be fished to imitate a mosquito, mayfly or horsefly and is highly effective in a variety of sizes. Used on rivers and streams around the world, the Adams leads the list for the best ten.


Light and Dark Cahill

The Light and Dark Cahill is an excellent dry fly for use in low-lighting situations as with the end of day. Closely resembling a Mayfly, the Cahill is carried by many fishermen in sizes 12 to 16. Depending on location, such as Western or Eastern United States, either the light or dark variation will need to be fished. Always consult local bait and fly shops prior to a trip.

Other Top Tens

The Royal Coachman is termed an attractor. Try this fly when fish are sluggish or slow to show interest. The Coachman is particularly effective in light current or riffles and is designed to draw attention as it imitates a variety of insects. Other selections include; the Irresistible, Elk Hair Caddis, Black Midge, Blue Wing Olive, and terrestrials such as the Grass Hopper and Black Ant.


Article Written By Tara Dooley

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