The Best Hammock Tents

The Best Hammock TentsA hammock tent is the perfect alternative for backcountry campers and hikers on the go. A hammock tent is suspended from two trees or posts to keep the camper off of the ground. This is a great solution to a standard tent for several reasons: It is more lightweight, serves multiple purposes, offers protection from wet and rocky terrain and lends protection from wild animals. The hammock tent is eco-friendly because it does not destroy the ground due to stakes or the clearing of flora. The tent can be set up anywhere and is perfect for tropical and uneven terrain areas.

Air Bivy Extreme Shelter

The Air Bivy extreme shelter is a compact and comfortable tent for camping. This tent has six suspension hooks, which allow for maximum stability. This hammock tent holds up to 400 pounds but easily accommodates one person. It offers maximum breath-ability and protection from elements such as sun, rain and insects. Remarkable lightweight at only 2.65 pounds, the Extreme Shelter is perfect for backcountry trekking.

Skeeter Beeter Pro

The Pro from Skeeter Beeter is an outdoor tent hammock that works hard at keeping bugs out. While other tents leave gaps, the Pro does not. The mosquito net is extremely durable and resists aging and cracking. This tent resists tearing and ripping with its nylon parachute material. There is a double-sided zipper, which allows for easy access. There are extra-spacious interior pockets for extra storage of personal items and food. This tent is only 27 ounces, so it's lightweight and very portable. There are S-hooks that allow for easy hanging in between branches. This tent holds 400 pounds, so clothing and gear can also fit nicely in the tent.

Skeeter Beeter Ultralight

The Ultralight by Skeeter Beeter is an attractive and functional tent considering its light weight. At a mere 20 ounces, this tent won't weigh the backpack down. It offers a few extras such as a sleep pad and overhead suspension system for added support. This tent also has an attached stuff sack to keep items dry and protected. The mosquito net is clear and easy to see through. The tent only holds 250 pounds, but is perfect for one traveler.

Clark Tropical

Clark sets the highest standard for luxury hammock tents. They shape and design tents with the camper in mind--it's like having a personal tree house anywhere. The Tropical is one such example. Although geared to the excursionist who desires a tropical forest adventure, this tent is perfect for just about anywhere. It is climate geared, offering protection from heavy rain, intense humidity and changing temperatures. The color of the tent is designed to be less attractive to mosquitoes. There are many pockets in this tent and an optional rain fly to allow the camper to stay dry when getting in and out.

Hennessey Hammock

Many consider Hennessey the best maker of hammock tents. Hennessey has specialty hammocks such as those suitable for jungle, winter and heavy rain. Hennessey products are very eco-friendly and even sell tree-huggers with their tents to prevent damage to bark. The asymmetric shape of the hammock is ergonomically designed to promote comfort and ease of use. The Hennessey provides a great option for those trekking through rough terrain. As long as there is a place to tie the tent, your camp is set for the night.


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