The Best Fishing Poles

The Best Fishing Poles
Choosing a fishing rod can seem impossible, given the vast number of choices available today. With knowledge and an understanding of what type of fish you're after or the conditions you will be fishing under, making that choice can become easier. Add to it a budget and the choice becomes even easier. Quality fishing rods can be several hundred dollars, but simple introductory rods can be as little as $20 or less. Consider how you will be using the rod and if you will be engaging in any specialized fishing, such as finesse fishing (using smaller bait in still waters) or fly fishing in order to make the best choice of fishing rod.

G Loomis G2 Spinning Rod

According to Consumer Search, spinning rods are considered the most versatile and flexible of fishing rods in terms of how they are used and what kind of fish you are catching. Spinning rods are excellent bait casting rods that can be used by any person, whether they are a beginner or an expert fisherman. Spinning rods are comprised of a rod onto which a spinner reel is attached. The spinner holds the fishing line and that is strung the length of the pole. They recommend the G Loomis G2 spinning rod, this rod comes as a complete set and is intended to be used by all levels of experience and ability. This rod sells for approximately $30.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik

For individuals who are just starting out or who do not want to invest a lot of money, one rod that is rated a 4.7 out of 5 at Bass Pro Shop is the Shakespeare Ugly Stik. According to Consumer Search, this is a introductory fishing rod that requires little expertise or experience to use. This inexpensive pole is approximately $40. It is heavier than most graphite rods and has a graphite core that is surrounded by a fiberglass rod. Graphite rods are easier to cast and are much more sensitive to the slight movements of the handler's hands and wrist. Another similarly rated rod is the Berkley Lightening Rod, which costs approximately $35 and is also appropriate for all skill levels and abilities.

Okuma Guide Select

According to Consumer Search, for anglers who want a step up from an inexpensive rod to something that is of a bit better quality, there are several options available. Among the most recommended rods, the Okuma Guide Select is estimated to sell at approximately $75. This rod is lightweight and made entirely out of IM-8 graphite. This makes it more sensitive to movements and flicks of the wrist and is an excellent choice for feeling every movement of the line as you cast. Another highly recommended better quality rod is Shimano Crucial, which is estimated to sell for approximately $120.

Shimano Cumara

Among the high end and more expensive rods, the reviewers at Consumer Search strongly recommend Shimano's Cumara. This rod is estimated to sell for approximately $210 and was awarded the 2008 Best of Best award from Field and Stream magazine. This rod is considered unusually flexible and light and made of IM-10 graphite. This rod is an excellent choice if you are using light lures or want to have particularly light handling of the line and lure. Another highly rated rod in this category is the G Loomis Bronzeback, which is estimated to sell for approximately $250. This rod was rated at the top of the line by Field in Stream in 2006 and is considered one of the best rods for light lures.

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