Estancia La Paloma Camping in Puerto San Julian

Estancia La Paloma Camping in Puerto San Julian
Estancia La Paloma is in the Puerto San Julian section of Argentina. The area is popular with campers because of the lodge-like atmosphere. Campers have many options for entertainment while visiting Estancia La Paloma, including hunting, shopping, hiking and dining at fine restaurants.


Estancia La Paloma has extensive camping grounds with modern facilities, including a private camping area that can be reserved and a private cooking area. The private cooking area features a fire pit with raised metal cooking surfaces. For an extra fee, campers can also access on-site laundry services and hot showers. Guests of the campgrounds are also given exclusive access to the lodge. Camping Municipal at Estancia La Paloma is the only local campground.



The lodge at Estancia La Paloma is called La Paloma Riverside. The lodge was built in 2004 to accommodate hunters that began traveling to the area. The lodge is only open to guests during the winter and summer. There are 10 guest rooms and each has a hunting theme. The four rooms on the second floor all have balconies that overlook the lake, and there is a private bar on the second floor that offers a large panoramic living area. The bottom floor has six guest rooms as well as a 1,100 square-foot living room that has events for guests throughout the winter months near its large fireplace. Each guest room features two beds and a private bathroom.

Camping Areas

You can camp at several areas at Estancia La Paloma. Guests can choose from camping areas that overlook the lake, campgrounds that are close to the lodge and several areas that are in wooded areas bordering the vast hunting grounds. Though guests are given a private campsite, these campsites are designed in a cluster formation so campers are separated by small wooded areas but they are close to other campers.


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