South Cumberland State Park Cabins in Tennessee

South Cumberland State Park Cabins in Tennessee
While the Smoky Mountains are Tennessee's most famous landmark and a popular destination for hikers and campers, the Cumberland Plateau is one of Tennessee's lesser-known destinations, often referred to as the state's "secret mountain range."
Adventurous travelers and hikers will be overwhelmed by the spectacular beauty of this rugged, remote area of Tennessee. The entire Cumberland Plateau stretches through Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee, to the northwest corner of Georgia. However, the heart of South Cumberland, about 90 miles southeast of Nashville and 50 miles northwest of Chattanooga, is protected as the South Cumberland State Park and recreation area.

The Ten Properties of South Cumberland State Park

South Cumberland State Park features 10 distinct properties named Carter State Natural Area, Fiery Gizzard Trail, Foster Falls, Greeter Falls, Collin's Gulf, Grundy Forest, Grundy Lakes, Hawkins Cove, Savage Gulf and Sewanee Natural Bridge.


South Cumberland State Park has but one cabin. Hobbs Cabin is a structure suitable for any camper who wishes to sleep more comfortably under a tin roof. The rustic log cabin features six nylon web primitive bunk beds, a stone fireplace and a table/counter area with a wooden bench. The cabin has two windows that open out on a sheltered front porch. A nearby spring provides drinking water. However, it is highly recommended that all spring water be treated or boiled. Camping reservations for Hobbs Cabin can be made in advance.

Treasured Hardwood Forests

One of the last remaining U.S. stands of treasured, virgin hardwood forest exists in the Savage Gulf property of South Cumberland State Park. This historic forest includes giant hickories, oaks, poplars, and hemlocks that sprouted over two hundred years ago.

Tent Camping

South Cumberland State Park has more than 100 primitive tent sites in 14 camp grounds scattered throughout the park. All camping is free, however a camping permit is required. Permits can be obtained in advance by contacting the visitors center at 931-924-2980. Permits can also be obtained directly from kiosks at the park visitors center.

Rare Geological Formations

Hikers, rock climbers and spelunkers are drawn to South Cumberland State Park for its rare geology and spectacular rock formations. The park is known for its sandstone gorges, canyons, granite ledges, arches, cascades, caves, sheer bluffs that provide panoramic views of the hills, valleys and forests.

Article Written By Sara Shea

Sara Shea is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in various print and online publications. Previously, Shea served as an intern at "National Geographic" magazine, a student associate editor for "The Kenyon Review" and an assistant publisher for the Connecticut-based arts and entertainment guide, "ARTistic FX Magazine." Shea earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Kenyon College.

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