Alcatraz Night Tours

Alcatraz Night Tours
Alcatraz, the notorious prison that sits ominously in San Francisco Bay, has been hosting criminals and tourists for years. Al Capone and "Machine Gun" Kelly called Alcatraz home at one point in their lives. If you are seeking a frightful experience, several night tours of the prison known as "The Rock" are being offered.

Alcatraz Cruises Tour Company

Alcatraz Cruises is currently offering Alcatraz night tours for $33 per adult and $19.50 per child. Tours leave Fisherman's Wharf at sunset and include round-trip ferry transportation to the prison island and a guided tour. According to a representative of the company, the most popular feature of the tour is a brief stay in a solitary confinement cell. This could get terrifying in the dark. Alcatraz Cruises can be contacted online at or by calling (415) 981-7625.

Brighter Images

The Brighter Images tour includes ferry transportation and both a guided tour of the island and a self-guided tour of Alcratraz's cell block. Take the time to visit the ominous hospital area and spooky X-ray room and visit where Robert Stroud, the infamous "Bird Man of Alcatraz," was held captive.

Brighter Images tours cost $43.50 for adults, $29.50 for children and $40.50 for senior citizens. Prices include a $10 concession fee. Brighter Images can be contacted at (925) 253-1900.

Be Prepared

Make sure that you are prepared for your Alcatraz night tour by following a few key tips.

Book in advance. Tour companies in San Francisco recommend that you book a month in advance if you can. Tours especially fill quickly during the summer peak season.

Dress in casual layered clothing. Alcatraz tends to be foggy in the morning and warmer in the afternoons. The ferry trip back from the island can get very cold. Gloves and scarves are recommended. Comfortable shoes are also highly recommended. You can expect to walk around the island for up to three hours on some tours.

Be aware that no food or drinks are allowed on Alcatraz Island. You will asked to throw away anything that you take onto the island.

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