What Are the Warmest Socks for Skiing?

What Are the Warmest Socks for Skiing?
As an avid skier, you know that the insulating value of socks does not make up for the presence---or absence---of properly insulated ski boots. On the other hand, there are some features that make socks a complementary feature to the footwear you have chosen. For example, warm socks are useful if they are loose enough to provide ample circulation; on the flip side, if they are too tight, they cut off circulation and therefore may be warm initially, but over the course of time negate this benefit.

Wool and Wicking

Opt for socks made from Merino wool, polyester, nylon and elastane. As your feet sweat, these materials wick away the moisture from your feet. This simple action keeps your feet dry and therefore warm. Moist feet quickly turn into clammy and cold feet, and no matter how thick the socks are, if they are permitting moisture to stay near the skin, they will fail to provide warmth. A good example is the North Face snowboard light sock. A pair of these socks is perfect for snowboarding boots and also for your ski boots.


SmartWool Adds Warmth

Choose SmartWool socks for the natural warmth supplied by wool and also the ability to have moisture moved away from the skin. In addition to keeping your feet warm and dry while skiing, these SmartWool socks also act as shock-absorbing cushions. The SmartWool PhD ski racer socks are a great example of this technology. They are lightweight, made from almost 60 percent wool, provide sturdiness, support a defined fit that is not likely to lose shape, and allow for reinforced high-impact zones.

Isofil and Merino Wool

Try on a sock that is crafted to be anatomically correct and manufactured from Isofil and Merino wool. One brand associated with this technology is the Bridgedale precision fit. Made of Isofil and Merino wool in almost equal parts, this sock is much more lightweight than your average ski sock. At the same time, the anatomically correct craftsmanship provides extra padding at the forefoot area and the instep.

Battery Heated Socks

Exercise caution when investing in a pair of battery heated socks. They get nice and toasty rather quickly, but the wiring and the battery setup may chafe against the ski boot. Moreover, if you find that your feet are getting uncomfortably hot, there is little you can do to change this when skiing.


Article Written By Sylvia Cochran

Based in the Los Angeles area, Sylvia Cochran is a seasoned freelance writer focusing on home and garden, travel and parenting articles. Her work has appeared in "Families Online Magazine" and assorted print and Internet publications.

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