Arctic National Park Tours

Arctic National Park Tours
Outdoor adventurers find Arctic National Park, now called Gates of the Arctic National Park, an incredible wilderness experience. With no roads or groomed trails, you must rely on your own two legs or a raft, canoe or kayak to make your way across this stunning terrain filled with rivers, lakes, tundra, and ridges. Guided tours offer a great way to experience the challenges of this Park since guides know the rivers and terrain you need to travel. Plus, they also know the best routes, necessary equipment and what to expect, helping you live an adventure you'll never forget.

Arctic Wild

Rafting, canoeing and hiking tours by this company get scheduled around wildlife migrations. To see caribou, take the moderately difficult rafting and hiking trip on the Nigu River. This trip combines rafting 90 miles of the river with plenty of stops to hike, fish, or explore old Eskimo sites. Another trip allows you to stay at a base camp on the Nigu River and hike the landscape while watching the caribou herds come right through the area, including through camp, on their annual migration.

Arctic Wild
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Arctic Treks

This company offers a trip focused on the fall caribou migration. First, the group travels to a base camp in the northwest corner of the Park, then you take hikes or explore the surrounding wilderness according to your own abilities and interests. Or, join the guided hike scheduled for each day, and go as far as you wish. A great trip for wildlife and landscape photographers as well as wildlife lovers, you see the terrain's blazing array of autumn colors with the caribou in their prime as they get ready for winter. Watch for northern lights since the nights get longer by this time of the year.

Arctic Treks
P.O. Box 73452
Fairbanks, Alaska 99707
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ABEC's Alaska Adventures, LLC

Whether you want to backpack, raft, or canoe the Park, this company offers numerous options for your wilderness adventure. Backpacking trips take you to the Arrigetch Peaks (in the Brooks Range) known for their rocky precipices. Or fly into the tundra along the Continental Divide, then backpack 35 miles down the Koyukuk River through boreal forest. Other trips include kayaking or canoeing the Alatna, Kobuk, Noatuk or Koyukuk Rivers with highly experienced guides. These trips offer great wildlife viewing along canyons, valleys and taiga forest dotted with lakes.

ABEC's Alaska Adventures, LLC
P.O. Box 10791
Fairbanks, AK 99710


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