The Best Bobber for Bluegill Fishing

The Best Bobber for Bluegill Fishing
Bluegill fishing is enjoyed by a wide range of people and is fairly easy. Requiring only a minimum of equipment, even small children can catch large numbers of bluegill, often in a short period of time. A typical fishing setup for bluegill includes a pole, reel, line, bobber, hook and bait. However, even a small tree limb or cane pole with a line tied to the end can suffice. A bobber comes almost standard with any setup as this allows the fisherman to detect when a bluegill actually takes the bait as opposed to only nibbling at it. Bobbers are available in different types, sizes, shapes and colors.

Spring Bobbers

Spring bobbers are typically round and come in various diameters. These bobbers feature a small button on the top, with an internal spring and a metal wire and hook running through the bobber itself. Spring bobbers work by pressing the button on top, which causes the metal wire to move downward and the small hook to become exposed. The fishing line is placed inside the hook, the button is released, and the bobber is held against the line by the tension of the spring. These bobbers are usually inexpensive and are readily available where most tackle is sold.

Cigar Bobbers

Cigar bobbers are typically 3-4 inches long and hollow inside. The fishing line is threaded through the bobber, which is positioned a few feet above the hook and bait. A small plastic or piece of cork is placed in the top of the bobber, which wedges the line in place. Wedging the bobber in place prevents it from sliding up and down the line and potentially spooking fish.

Nighttime Bobbers

Another bobber is designed to be used in low light conditions such as at dawn, dusk and even at night. These bobbers are usually elongated--up to 5 or 6 inches in length. They may be constructed of plastic, wood or even cork. Nighttime bobbers will usually have a fluorescent glow for easier spotting. Many nighttime bobbers feature an insert, which may be removed during daytime fishing. The insert contains glow-in-the-dark material. When exposed to bright lighting, the insert will glow for up to several hours.

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