Waterfalls in Letchworth State Park, NY

Waterfalls in Letchworth State Park, NY
Sometimes called the "Grand Canyon of the East," New York's Letchworth State Park is an impressive 17 miles of parkland southeast of Buffalo. Home to the flowing Genesee River and the impressive 600-foot high walls of Genesee Gorge, Letchworth State Park also contains many waterfalls within its bounds. With more than 50 on outlying tributaries, the park's three main waterfalls are located within sight of one another along the Genesee River. One of the river's tributaries also is home to the highest waterfall in New York state.

Inspiration Falls

With a dramatic drop of 350 feet, Inspiration Falls in the highest waterfall in New York state. A spectacular ribbon waterfall, Inspiration Falls is located on a tributary creek just east of the Inspiration Point Overlook. Despite the impressive height of its drop, Inspiration Falls is a seasonal waterfall and often appears simply as a water stain on the cliff.

The Upper Falls

One of the park's three main waterfalls, the Upper Falls is located on the Genesee River in Portage Canyon. While the uppermost in location on the river, the Upper Falls is not the biggest of the three Genesee Falls. Significantly, the Upper Falls has an active railway trestle high above it.

The Middle Falls

At one time Seneca Indians living in the area considered the Middle Falls to be so impressive they thought it made the sun stop at midday. Not as high in elevation as the Upper Falls or as tall in height as the Lower, the Middle Falls is nonetheless a thunderously impressive site. Partially dammed, the Middle Falls provides water via aqua duct to a nearby substation.

The Lower Falls

Known as the most spectacular of the Genesee waterfalls, the Lower Falls is a sharp 78-foot plunge from one section of the Genesee to another. Surrounded by an area known as Lower Falls Park, Lower Falls is home to a viewing area that provides spectacular views of the both the Lower and the Middle Falls.

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