Activities to Do at Bear Lake, Utah

Activities to Do at Bear Lake, Utah
Bear Lake, Utah is home to one of the largest natural lakes in the western United States. The turquoise waters glow among the valley, giving it an attractive island-like appeal. Split between Idaho and Utah--this beautiful area offers recreation in a rural setting. Not only is there plenty of things to do in the spring and summer at Bear Lake--winter activities are also abundant. This is a great vacation spot for families who love to be outdoors and participate in recreational activities.

Hunting and Fishing

Two of the most popular activities in the Bear Lake area are hunting and fishing. Some of the most hunted animals are the Rocky Mountain elk, the mule deer and moose. These animals are typically hunted by black powder rifles and compound bows. A valid hunting license needs to be obtained before any hunting excursion. There are other animals that are hunted and trapped throughout designated seasons, such as ducks, partridge, grouse, and wild turkey.

Fishing is also popular among sportsman in the area and many travel several miles just to fish at Bear Lake. Cutthroat, Lake trout, whitefish and sculpin are abundant. There are several area lakes, streams, creeks and reservoirs that stem for Bear Lake, making these ideal hot spots for fishing. Public boat access is available at several locations throughout the lake area.

Water Recreation

Water recreation abounds at Bear Lake. In Utah, the summers are warm and summer months are the perfect time to get out and enjoy the real beauty of the lake. Many people relish the tropical like beauty of the white beach and turquoise blue waters, so they sunbathe or enjoy their time along the shoreline. The Montipelier Rearing Pond is a shallow area off of the main lake where kids can enjoy the water with parental supervision. Boating, water skiing, tubing and swimming are just some of the popular water recreation activities for people of all ages.


There are several miles of trails and hiking opportunities in and around Bear Lake. Most of the lake is surrounded by mountainous and hilly terrain--making it the perfect surface for exploring and hiking. There are many caves to explore in the area as well. The Minnetonka, Bride and Paris Ice caves are all attractions that welcome cave explorers. Bird and animal watching can be done alone on a self-guided hike or by engaging in one of the eco tours available in and around the lake. Bikes are also common around the lake. Exploration is also welcome via horseback. There are horseback riding rentals available or guests are encouraged to bring their own equines and equipment.


Snowmobiling is popular in the winter months. There are several designated trails that wind throughout the trees over the valleys and across mountains--offering pristine views of the icy lake. Snowmobiling is fun for all ages, but care must be taken if unfamiliar with the terrain of the trails. Check with the local Department of Natural Resources to make sure that the lake and its tributaries are frozen over before venturing out.


Camping is a popular way for travelers to enjoy their stay to the area. Because Bear Lake shares two states--Idaho and Utah--campgrounds are plentiful. The area has more than 800 campgrounds and outdoor picnic sites. The state parks have limited camping availability, but offer affordable accommodations. The Blue Water Resort is a popular camping destination because it offers all sorts of accommodations, such as camping, rental cabins and condos and a hotel. This resort is also directly on the banks Bear Lake, so there is a wealth of water activities to do.

Blue Water Resort
2126 S. Bear Lake Blvd
Garden City, UT 84028
(435) 946-3333

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