Online Bird Identification

Online Bird Identification
Bird watching continues to be one of the favorite pastimes of many people. There are many different kinds of birds, and knowing how to watch them in their natural habitat can provide interesting insights into how they live, take care of their young and much more. You can choose a particular type of bird to watch or make an exploration to find various kinds of birds on your journey. The Internet has made bird watching, particularly bird identification, easier than ever before, allowing anyone to quickly spot and identify birds on the fly.

Bird features much information and equipment to help new bird watchers step into the sport, including a free e-newsletter. Although the website does not feature a guide with specific bird identification descriptions, there are a variety of books, DVDs and software products available in the Bird Watching bookstore. The site also features extensive product reviews of binoculars and other optic devices for bird watching.

What bills itself as the best bird watching search engine there is. Unlike traditional search engines, which rely solely on text input, the engine allows you to narrow your search by selecting visual criteria. Selecting the general size of the bird and the primary colors or other distinguishing features allows the search engine to quickly identify the bird you are looking for. You can also identify birds by call, or upload a recording of your own bird calls to allow a computer comparison to identify your bird. also offers the iBird Explorer app for the iPhone, or the Winged Explorer app for Windows-based devices. This handy field guide goes with you when you're out birding, providing a pocket-sized resource packed with the power of Internet database scrubbing. Because the information is contained on a device you probably already carry anyway, it is an efficient alternative to old-fashioned field guides.

The American Birding Association (ABA) is a nonprofit membership organization that promotes recreational bird watching in North America. The association strives to educate bird watchers and to help members hone their birding skills. They offer a number of publications, workshops and field trips that are all designed to increase awareness about indigenous species. The ABA website is full of resources to help bird watchers, ranging from private clubs to discussion forums to planned outings and special events.

The ABA is also involved in an extensive conservation effort. Membership fees and funds raised during private fundraisers are used to protect birds and bird habitats. The association also lobbies Congress for the passage of bills that favor the protection of wildlife habitats.These conservation efforts have helped to insure that many species of bird will survive to be watched and admired by future generations.

Birding is an extensive source of information for anyone involved with bird watching. The information available on the website is easy for any beginner to understand, while also covering topics that will still be of interest to seasoned bird watchers. Birding Guide features the latest bird watching news, a directory of clubs to help you connect with others in your area, and an online store filled with bird watching supplies. There are also plenty of articles to provide tips and advice, as well as tools to help you identify birds in your area.

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