Ice Fishing Rods

Ice Fishing Rods
Ice fishing is a sport that finds true aficionados bent over a hole in the ice that covers a lake or pond, hoping to catch one of the fish that eagerly snap at the proffered bait. Having the right gear is essential when attempting this kind of extreme sports fishing. Ice fishing rods differ from spin and bait casting rods. Rods used for ice fishing are shorter--there is virtually no casting--and mimic a spinning rod in setup.

Setup of Ice Fishing Rods

Opt for ice fishing rods that measure from 24 inches to 32 inches in length. The action ranges from ultra light to heavy, with 32 inches being the only length that supports heavy action. Four to five steel guides are fastened to the rod. Attach an ice reel to the rod, which works with the length of rod chosen. Consider purchasing a rod and reel combo, since this guarantees that you get compatible hardware.

Ice Fishing Rod Brand Names and Prices

Stay with the well known brands, such as Frabill, St. Croix, Berkley and HT Enterprises. Expect to pay about $20 for a St. Croix Premier, while a Shakespeare Ugly Stick runs about $14. Separate reels run about $17 for a Shakespeare Prius 20, while an HT Enterprises Accucast costs between $13 and $16. A St. Croix Premier ice fishing rod and a St. Croix reel combo costs right around $35.

Avid Ice Fishers May Opt for Higher End Rods

Opt for a higher end ice fishing rod if you are an avid ice fisher rather than an occasional hobbyist angler. Pick the St. Croix Legend if you want to avail yourself of the highly sensitive strike indicators that make netting a fish a lot more likely than a simple rod and reel. Expect to pay about $50 for this advanced kind of ice fishing rod.

Store Ice Fishing Rods in a Multipurpose Backpack

Carry your ice fishing rods in a versatile backpack--such as the Osprey Packs Aether 85 from Trails---that has ice axe loops, compartments which will carry an ice auger, and also removable straps for carrying insulated padding for comfortable seating.

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