Forest Ranger Education Requirements

Forest Ranger Education Requirements
The National Forest Service (NFS) is a federal agency responsible for administering forests and facilities across the United States. Their work encompasses everything from tourist services to road building to scientific research. Their forest rangers and other employees are, for the most part, a group of educated and experienced professionals.

Natural Sciences

Applicants should have a four-year degree in a relevant scientific field. Forest ranger jobs involving botany, fisheries management, wildlife management and forest management all require bachelor's degrees in relevant fields of study, for example. However, these jobs are often competitive and, as a practical matter, some field experience typically is required. Many applicants have advanced degrees, such as a master's, and research jobs with NFS require advanced degrees.

Law Enforcement

Another major avenue into a position as a forest ranger is through law enforcement. NFS encompasses a vast area that needs policing. In this case, a four-year degree is required, but it can be in any subject, and some prior law enforcement experience is necessary.


NFS employs a number of technical specialists, especially engineers. Engineering posts require a four-year degree in such areas as construction, industrial technology or civil engineering. However, lower-grade construction-related jobs require only a high school education.

There are also a number of office jobs within the NFS structure, and these generally require a four-year degree in any subject.

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