Cabins at Henry Horton State Park in Tennessee

Cabins at Henry Horton State Park in Tennessee
The cabins at Henry Horton State Park are a great place to spend a weekend without the crowding of a cookie-cutter hotel stay. The cabins are located just a short walk from the amenities at the main hotel, and cabin guests are encouraged to utilize the dining, beverage, and other hospitality services that the main hotel offers. Guests may pay with either a check or credit card, and the cabins are open year-round.


Rustic cabins offer only the most basic amenities. Rustic cabins offer two bedrooms, each with a queen bed, as well as one bathroom and a kitchen. While many travelers find that these cabins are a bit austere for their tastes, the woodburning fireplaces which come fully stocked with enough wood to last several days are perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway or even a simpler, more natural way to knock the chill off fall and spring nights. The rustic cabins do include telephone service as well, and window air conditioners are included in bedrooms for hot summer nights.


Deluxe cabins offer more amenities than the rustic models, and are more comparable to a standard hotel room than might otherwise be expected. The deluxe cabins offer a fireplace, but instead of the wood-burning units in the rustic cabins, the deluxe cabins offer gas fireplaces. These are easy to operate, and they don't require nighttime trips to the woodpile to fetch more fuel. Deluxe cabins are available in two- and three-bedroom models, and central heat and air are included as well for travelers who don't like leaving their climate control at home. Guests with disabilities will find that a single deluxe model cabin is set up for handicapped accessibility.


For those traveling with furry friends, there is a single pet-friendly cabin on the property. The pet-friendly cabin is a rustic model, and an additional security deposit may be required, based upon the size of the pet. Guests who want to reserve use of the pet-friendly cabin may find it easiest to confirm this when making the initial reservation, as the cabin may be occupied unless otherwise specified. There is only a single pet-friendly cabin, so space is at a premium and guests are expected to inform management of any trouble caused during their stay.

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