Float Fishing Tips

Float Fishing Tips
Float fishing is a type of fishing where a float is suspended below the surface. Attached to the float is a line and hook that holds the bait. The float can be decorated in any color to attract fish, but the various materials coated on the float can hinder it from doing what is needed. Its purpose is to hold the hook and bait suspended without showing the full line. The float must stay near the surface to keep the the fish from noticing. The float also gives the fisherman a more sensitive way to detect fish biting the line by watching the top of the float in the water. Every movement of the line is detected on the surface.

The Float

It is best to choose a plain float. If it is flashy, it will attract the fish and they will not pay attention to the bait. Or the float might scare them away. Also, keep a constant eye on the float. If it is moving slightly up and down, it might mean that fish are nearby. If the float suddenly goes under, then there is a fish on the line. Pull hard and reel.

Float Adapter

Use a float adapter to provide a way to quickly change floats for varying conditions. When waters become rough, a more sturdy float is needed to keep it from pulling too far underwater. In gentler water, the opposite would be true.


Throw the line into the rocks, weeds or other hard to reach areas. Fish do tend to make their way through these areas, and they are not accessible to non-float fishing due to the need for constant movement.


To hold the line down and keep it from swaying too much with the current, put weights on the line below the float. This will hold the line still and keep the lure from rising up.

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