Guided Bluegill Fishing in Michigan

Guided Bluegill Fishing in Michigan
In Michigan, most large bodies of water contain bluegill---the best tend to have shallow weedy areas near deeper water. The fishing heats up in late spring and summer when the weed beds develop and water temperatures begin to rise. During this pre-spawning time of year, bluegill feed heavily, making them easy targets. Although most bluegill live among the weeds, larger fish live on the edges of the vegetation near deeper water. Hiring a guide is a good option for visiting anglers who wish to maximize their fishing time.

Cheboygan County

The Indian River connects Burt Lake and Mullett Lake in northern Michigan. These twin fisheries dominate the northern landscape: They are the area's two largest inland lakes. Together they contain over 34,400 acres of surface area. Mullett Lake, the deeper of the two, has a maximum depth of 121 feet. According to Marcel's Guide Service, the proximity to the Great Lakes keeps these two gems under the radar, meaning it's not uncommon to spend five days alone on the water. Both lakes contain abundant bluegill and many other species. In 2009 Marcel's Guide Service offered half- or full-day fishing trips ranging from $275 to $375.

Marcel's Guide Service
33125 S. River Rd.
Harrison, MI 48045
(810) 923-5035

Ice Fishing

While the coasts of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along Lake Superior and Lake Michigan get hammered with wind, smaller inland lakes stay protected during the winter. The cold freezes the inland lakes, making it easy to drive a truck, ATV or snowmobile to the best fishing locations.
Guides bring the winter anglers to the best locations and set up a portable fishing shelter. Once a shelter heats up, fishing in below freezing temperatures becomes a pleasant experience.
Uncle Ducky Outfitters in Marquette offers guided ice fishing trips for bluegill. Their packages range (in 2009) from the upper $400 for two people to near $2,000 for a luxury four-person, five-day cabin vacation with two days of guided ice fishing.

Uncle Ducky Outfitters/Charter
434 E Prospect St
Marquette, MI 49855
(877) 228-5447

Lake Erie

Lake Erie is known more for perch and walleye fishing than bluegill, but many anglers fish for bluegill along its shoreline. Stray Cat Charter Fishing offers guided fishing trips aboard its 27-foot licensed charter boat. Captain John Giszczak says he follows the fish for the best bite, so his routes differ every trip.

Stray Cat Charter Fishing LLC
10420 S. Harold Drive
Luna Pier, MI 48157
(734) 787-0030

Article Written By Bryan Hansel

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