The Best Trout Lures

The Best Trout Lures
Choosing a lure for trout involves several considerations. The location that is being fished comes into play as not all types of baits or lures are allowed on all waters containing trout. The time of day and time of year should also be considered when selecting a lure as most lures imitate insects and minnows. The type of equipment being used will also come into play. When fly fishing, for example, it is traditional to use either a dry or wet tied fly as a lure while spinning rod set ups are more geared toward spinners and float fishing.

Natural Baits

Natural baits include worms and night crawlers, grasshoppers, grubs and even corn. Naturals are commonly considered to be anything naturally occurring and not made by or manufactured by man. Natural baits may be presented with almost any type of rod and reel or even a pole with no reel at all. However, spinning, spin cast and poles only are typically chosen for natural bait presentations. A float, hook and weight are also needed for natural baits.


Spinners are typically made from metal wire with beads, a spinner blade, body and hook. Most spinners are designed to imitate a small minnow with a shiny blade for attracting trout. Spinners are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, shaped bodies, and weights. There are also different shapes, sizes and finishes associated with the blades of spinners.


Flies are most commonly classified as either dry or wet. Dry flies are tied using a variety of different animals hairs and yarns so that they are buoyant and ride on top of the water. Wet flies are tied so that they quickly submerge, feature hairs and feathers as materials and are designed to quickly sink and stay under water. Dry flies will usually imitate an insect such as a bee, ant or may fly which may have either landed on or fallen into the water. Wet flies will usually imitate the larvae of an insect and may also imitate a small minnow.

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