Haunted Forests of North America

Haunted Forests of North America
There's an attraction in the sounds and sights of the nighttime woods that can't be denied. If there's a legend of a haunting in the woods it's even better. These forests each sport legends of hauntings and spooks, so tread carefully.

Bluff Mountain, Virginia

Bluff Mountain, in the George Washington National Forest, is famous for two things. First, it's an outstanding scenic vista on the Appalachian Trail. Second, it's where the body of Ottie Cline Powell was found.

Ottie was 4 years old when he wandered from a schoolhouse in Amherst County, Virginia, in 1890. Despite extensive searching, his body wasn't found until seven months later, 7 miles away on the top of the mountain. A small monument stands at the site. Hikers and campers have reported seeing an apparition at night, particularly at the nearby hiker's shelter. Is Ottie still trying to find his way home?

Kate's Mountain, West Virginia

In Greenbrier County, West Virginia, legend has it that the headless ghost of a woman roams the grounds of the famed Greenbrier Resort. The woman, named Kate, her husband Nathan, and her baby were all killed and scalped by Indians. Many reports of odd lights and the aforementioned headless ghost come from those who climb to the Kate's Mountain summit.

Robinson Woods, Illinois

You don't always have to go far into the wilderness to find a haunted woods. Robinson Woods, near Chicago, are home to a Native American burial ground that has some strange happenings associated with it.

Buried in the woods is Alexander Robinson, the English name of Chee-Chee-Pin-Quay, chief of the Potawatomi, Chippewa and Ottawa tribes in the early 19th century. In 1955, two teenagers were discovered murdered in the woods. Since then, reports of mysterious lights and sounds have been reported. The woods is a favorite haunt of paranormal investigators.

Article Written By Nichole Liandi

Based in Virginia, Nichole Liandi has been a freelance writer since 2005. Her articles have appeared on various print and online publications. Liandi has traveled extensively in Europe and East Asia and incorporates her experiences into her articles. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from West Virginia University.

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