The Lakes of Wenatchee Ridge

The Lakes of Wenatchee Ridge
Wenatchee Ridge is in the Wenatchee National Forest, near Leavenworth in Washington State. It is accessible by Stevens Pass, which joins the western and eastern parts of the state, through the Cascade Mountains. Wenatchee Ridge is close to several lakes in the Wenatchee National Forest.

Lake Wenatchee

Lake Wenatchee is the largest lake in Wenatchee National Forest and just a mile east of Wenatchee Ridge. Lake Wenatchee is home to a small community of the same name, where there are extensive accommodations. The lake was once home to local Indian tribes, who hunted, trapped and fished in the area. Now it is a popular tourist destination as well as a scenic stop on the trip through Stevens Pass. It is accessible via State Highway 2. The lake is a popular spot for fishing, camping, hunting and cycling--and snowmobiling in the winter.

Fish Lake

Fish Lake, just east of Lake Wenatchee, is home to The Cove Resort, which offers accommodations, equipment and boat rentals. Trout fishing is a popular pastime on Fish Lake--both rainbow and German brown. It's also an ice fishing spot in the winter, a rarity in Washington State. Fish Lake also has a campground and hiking trails.

Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes is actually two lakes joined by a small, shallow channel. Twin Lakes can be accessed by Highway 167, off State Highway 207. The lakes are used for fishing, hiking and camping. Napeequa Crossing Campground has pit toilets and five camping slots, with a maximum trailer size of 30 feet. No fresh water or trash service is available at the campground. The weather is cool here, even in the summer, rarely climbing above 70 degrees, due to the altitude and tree cover.

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