Is There Any Flats Fishing in Costa Rica?

Is There Any Flats Fishing in Costa Rica?
With the Pacific on the west and the Caribbean on the east--and boasting several excellent harbors--Costa Rica is tailor-made for fine fishing. Although access to blue water open sea fishing is easy, many sportsmen take advantage of the numerous shallow estuaries and bays of this Central American nation for fine flats fishing. Tarpon and snook are available in abundance in the excellent fishing areas we'll look at here.

Southern Pacific Coast

The southern Pacific coastline of Costa Rica is renowned for its in-shore fishing. Centered on the town of Golfito, there are numerous sports fishing charters sprinkled along the coast in this region. Anglers prefer the waters of Drake Bay and Zucondo Beach for consistently good snapper and roosterfish strikes each year.

Northern Caribbean Coast

The northern Caribbean coast of the nation is somewhat more isolated than other coastal regions and doesn't support as many commercial charter fishing operations. But if you can get to the mouth of the Rio Colorado, you'll enjoy legendary opportunities to go after big tarpon and snook. One hundred-pound-plus tarpons aren't unknown here, and the hard-fighting snook give you all you can handle.

Nicaragua Border

In the north central area, the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua is rapidly gaining in popularity among fishermen. Ample rivers provide opportunities for tarpon, snook and guapote, with the Rio Frio River, Cano Negro lagoon and the San Juan River favorite areas. There's little fishing pressure here, and opportunities abound for trophy fish.

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