Wilderness Survival Training in North Carolina

Wilderness Survival Training in North Carolina
Campers, bikers, hikers and horseback riders alike can benefit from a wilderness or primitive survival course, school or workshop. Wilderness survival courses structure most learning around how to survive common disasters like an injury, being lost in the wilderness and building shelter. Courses and course objectives vary by company and program duration.

Earth Connection

Based in Virginia, Earth Connection offers wilderness survival classes in North Carolina. Children as young as 15 and adults can learn emergency auto repair and wilderness survival techniques. Courses also explain how to identify and survive on a diet subsisting of wild edible plants, perform primitive cooking techniques, use land navigation and make fires. The objectives of the courses offered by Earth Connection are to learn and master primitive survival techniques in the wild.

Earth Connection
PO Box 32
Somerville VA 22739
(540) 270-2531


Wilderness Learning Center

Based in New York, the Wilderness Learning Center offers a three-day wilderness survival course in Marion, North Carolina. This, as well as other wilderness survival courses offered by the center, focuses on edible plants and natural food gathering skills, constructing shelters and using tools and equipment. Instructors offer practical knowledge and hands-on techniques. Students are encouraged to participate in all activities. However, students can opt out of a training session or activity at any time. (Discounts are not given to students who choose to opt out of course activities.) Contact the Wilderness Learning Center for a course schedule.

Wilderness Learning Center
435 Sandy Knoll Road
Chateaugay, NY 12920
(518) 497-3179

SPECOPS--Mission Survival Training

Mission Survival programs are designed for mountain bikers, trekkers and climbers. Weekend programs include wilderness survival techniques, map reading skills and remote first aid. The first aid program covers bites and stings, poisonous plants, heat illness and hemorrhage control. Continuous courses are available in California, North Carolina and Texas. Program schedules vary.

Mission Survival Training
(800) 713-2135


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