4x4 Truck Camping Ideas

4x4 Truck Camping Ideas4x4 trucks are great way to explore off-road locations and remote areas of the backcountry. When 4x4 trucks are implemented into a camping experience---campsite options are limitless. There are several different ways to camp using a 4x4 truck. Each way is different and offers a certain style of camping experience for the camper. Each option can be used at a traditional campground or anywhere that the truck driver decides to set up camp.


One of the more popular and inexpensive methods of 4x4 truck camping ideas is to utilize a tent specially made to fit on top of the bed of the truck. Then tent basically covers the top sides of the truck to the cab and then back to the tailgate---allowing plenty of camping space for two to four campers. The tent is made from waterproof canvas material and rises up to 6 feet above the truck floor to allow for standing. Windows and a door provide function and ease of use. Inside pockets and breathable port holes allow for storage and breathability within the tent. Some tents are designed to be set up on the ground with an attachment that connects to the tailgate of a cabbed truck. This offers extra space and privacy for the campers.



A cab is a popular camping option for 4x4 truck campers. The cab basically sits on the top of the truck and is secured with metal pins and bolts. There typically isn't a lot of room for standing in a cab---it is basically an area that provides a place to sleep and store camping equipment. There is plenty of room for a double-sized air mattress and sleeping bags.

Cab Trailer

Cab trailers are a step up option from a traditional cab. The cab trailer often rises above the cab of the truck and offers an extended camping option using the bed of the truck. Many are large enough to sleep eight people and offer a wealth of extra features. Some features include water and sewer hook up, a small working kitchen, dining area, bathroom and an extra sleeping area. Cab trailers do not require any extra hauling or transporting and fit securely on the top of most trucks. The interiors are strikingly similar to that of a travel trailer or RV.


Pop-up truck campers are similar to regular pop-up campers that are towed behind a vehicle. They rest on top of the truck bed and appear to be a cab. They are then cranked up, allowing campers to enjoy the benefits of a full-sized camper. The area that is cranked up is typically made from durable canvas and extends the living area by a few more feet. Inside, there is a kitchen, living area and pull out beds. There is also water and electrical hook-up. A pop-up is a good choice for those who enjoy remote camping. The truck can reach any destination without having the drawback of pulling a large camper or pop up---this avoids the rig getting stuck or bottoming out in wet or low-lying areas.

Truck Bed

One other option is to use the truck bed itself as a sleeping and storage area. As long as an air mattress, blankets and other adequate cushioning is implemented This is a great way to spend the night au natural, under the stars. During the day, the sleeping area can be cleaned up and a small portable table can be placed on the truck bed, allowing for a nice dry location for eating or doing other activities.

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