Tips for Mogul Skiing

Tips for Mogul Skiing
Ask any experienced skier what the most difficult part of skiing is and they're likely to tell you the same thing--skiing moguls. Moguls are those pesky bumps that form on the mountain side after thousands of skiers make turns in approximately the same place. Skiing moguls doesn't have to be a mystery.

Skiing Using Short Radius Turns

The secret to skiing moguls while in control is to make short radius turns. Short radius turns are quickly executed tight turns that use the same mechanics as wider turns used on smooth runs. Like all other types of turns, short radius turns have a beginning, middle and end. During the beginning part of the turn you'll get your body moving in the direction of the new turn by leaning down the mountain and into the center of the turn. You determine how tight the turn will be during the middle part of the turn. In the case of moguls, you'll want to turn your skis quickly into a rounded, "C-shape" turn. The end of the turn is the "recovery" phase of the turn where you control your speed by turning across the fall line--and in some cases, ski uphill to reduce your speed before entering the next turn.


Different Turns for Different Moguls

Moguls come in all shapes and sizes. Some are short and round. Some are tall and angular. There is no ONE way to ski moguls. Generally speaking, if the moguls are short, round and soft, you'll turn your skis on the top and skid down the front.

Banking Your Turns Through Large Moguls

When the moguls get tall, the troughs between the moguls will often be too deep to easily ski. Instead of pivoting your skis on top of the moguls and skidding down the front, try skiing over the top of the moguls, then turn on the back side of the downhill mogul. Use the uphill side of the mogul like a banked race track. Banking your turns on the back side of the moguls will prevent you from getting stuck in deep troughs that are impossible to navigate.

Skiing on the Tops of Moguls

Use the tops of the moguls to your advantage by skiing on the tops of them. After making a turn on the top of one mogul, retract your legs and cruise over the trough, then land and execute your next turn on the mogul ahead. Skiing on the tops of moguls is a great way to ski irregularly shaped bumps with no consistent rhythm or shape.


Article Written By Allen Smith

Allen Smith is an award-winning freelance writer living in Vail, Colo. He writes about health, fitness and outdoor sports. Smith has a master's degree in exercise physiology and an exercise specialist certification with the American College of Sports Medicine at San Diego State University.

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