List of Villages in District Maharashtra

List of Villages in District Maharashtra
One of the largest states in India, Maharashtra boasts an array of religious communities living in many different villages. Outdoor adventurers enjoy exploring some of these remote villages, where many residents work in the region's vast agricultural industry or the handicraft sector. Visitors to Maharashtra are attracted to the rich, cultural offerings of the area's many sights, which include everything from ancient caves, forts and architecture to scenic vistas, lush flora and wildlife.

Bedsa Village

Featuring the finest examples of rock caves excavated by ancient Buddhists for monasteries more than 2,000 years ago, Bedsa village is framed by steep trails leading to the fabled forts of Bhaja. Climbers can explore the Karla caves that reveal an array of ancient architecture and mysterious shrines, carvings, prayer halls and monks' quarters.



A popular trekking destination, Rajmachi Fort unveils an exotic natural setting above Lonavala. A train station on the Indian rail network, Lonavala offers a convenient starting point for adventurers setting out to explore the Kalbhairavnath Temple and the nearby Shreevardhan Fort. Featuring hidden tunnels leading to ancient battlements, the area showcases panoramic views of the plains below.


Located along the west coast of Maharashtra, the village of Alibag has a picturesque setting that showcases exotic beaches ideal for snorkeling, swimming and boating. Among the inland sights to explore are Kulaba Fort, an intriguing outpost from the past.


The hill resort of Mahabaleshwar boasts panoramic landscapes dotted with numerous historical bungalows from the time of the British Raj. Views of the valleys below enthrall trekkers, who can easily explore this fabled town and its surrounding areas by foot.


Blessed with abundant natural beauty, Khandala combines steep valleys with high hills ideal for day hikes and relaxing treks within the Sahayadri ranges of India. Among the more visited tourist destinations in India, Khandala is also a popular weekend getaway destination for residents of Mumbai.


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