The Best Bait for Bluegills Fishing

The Best Bait for Bluegills Fishing
Bluegills are also known as bream, brim or sunfish. This little fish as become quite popular with anglers of all ages. Their blue gill flap, is how they got their name and how you can identify one. The males have a orange stomach, while the females stomachs are more of a yellow color. Catching bluegills is quite easy and you can do it with a light tackle fishing pole or a cane pole. The fish aren't particular to the pole, as long as you're offering a bait they like. Whether you're 5 or 95, you can catch a bluegill and you don't need a boat or expensive equipment to do it. In fact, the best bluegill fishing is done from the shore.


An old fashion way to attract bluegills to a particular spot, is to collect a piece of fresh roadkill. Bluegills aren't particular, so any dead animal will do. Nail the carcass to a tree, right above the water. Since bluegills travel in large schools, the rotting carcass will collect maggots and drip into the water, and the fish will be attracted to the area. It might not be the nicest way to attract fish, but it works. You can also use the maggots on the end of a hook to catch a bluegill.



Earthworms are also known as night crawlers or blood worms and bluegills love them. You should be able to find them at a local bait store. Earthworms are lightweight, cheap and they last for quite a long time. Or catch your own by shining a flashlight on rich soil, during the night when they are above ground. If you place them in a coffee can that has both ends opened and sealed with a plastic cap, getting the worms out of the can will be easier, because you can get into each end.


Crickets and grasshoppers also make a good bait to attract bluegills. You should be able to purchase them at your local bait store, if you can't catch your own. If you get a hit off your bait, or catch one bluegill, you can be assured there's more waiting where it came from. Since bluegills congregate in numbers, catch one and you're sure to catch another.


Article Written By Joyce Starr

Joyce Starr is a professional writer from Florida and owns a landscaping company and garden center. She has published articles about camping in Florida, lawn care and gardening and writes for a local gardening newsletter. She shares her love and knowledge of the outdoors and nature through her writing.

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