Best Knot for Braided Fishing Line

Best Knot for Braided Fishing Line
Braided fishing lines are constructed of man-made fibers that are tightly wound together to produce braided lines. Available from a wide variety of manufacturers and in different pound tests, braid lines are tough, are abrasion-resistant, have no memory and are not easily cut by rocks and other structure. However, as appealing as this line may seem, there are some drawbacks. The line is tough but to the point that it may damage the guides of some rods. The line is also not easily cut and requires scissors to effectively cut the line when changing lures or tying knots. Tying braided line is very different from monofilament or fluorocarbon lines. The braid knot has been developed as a solution to tying braided fishing lines.

Beginning the Braid Knot

Neatly cut the end of the line, which will be used to tie the hook with scissors to ensure there are no loose strands. Double the braid line about 5 or 6 inches from the tag end or loose end of the line to form a loop. Feed the loop through the eye of the hook so that there 2 to 3 inches of the looped end extended past the hook eye.

Tying the Braid Knot

Tye the knot by wrapping the looped end of the line around the main line for six to eight turns. Begin at a point away from the hook eye and wrap down the line toward the hook. Keep the turns close together, but do not pull them down tightly. There must be sufficient space for the braid to slide down when tightening the knot since there is a great deal of friction with braid lines. Feed the loop through the small gap created by wrapping the line.

Adjusting and Finishing the Braid Knot

To help deal with the friction, make small adjustments to the knot while slowly pulling the knot down tight. Make sure the wraps are snug against each other, and that the entire knot slides down sufficiently against the eye of the hook. Clip any extra line from the end of the knot with scissors.

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