List of Public Beaches in New Jersey

List of Public Beaches in New Jersey
There are hundreds of beaches in New Jersey, but not all of them are public. Public beaches are perfect settings for outdoor activities like swimming, surfing, parasailing or simply playing in the sand. If you've never been to a New Jersey beach, or you want to expand your horizons, check out a few public beaches that are sure to give you a wonderful outdoor experience.

Cape May Beach

Cape May Beach is a quiet beach with soft sand and beautiful scenery. Cape May Beach is perhaps most well-known as the home of Cape May diamonds, which are small pieces of quartz that wash up along the shore. Cape May is a quiet beach that does not have much nightlife, but the beautiful Cape May Golf Club and other outdoor activities like parasailing more than make up for the lack of activities after dark.
Cape May Beach
470 West Perry St.
Cape May, NJ 08294
(609) 777-0885

Long Beach

Long Beach Island is located in Ocean County, with plenty of clean air and open spaces. There are very few large hotels on Long Beach Island, so your ocean view will not be disturbed. Long Beach Island is one of the more expensive beaches in New Jersey, so you will most likely have the opportunity to run along the beach without worrying about families of 20 getting in your way. Enjoy the peaceful nights at Long Beach Island without rowdy teenagers keeping you awake, so you can get an early start the next morning.
Long Beach Municipal Complex
6805 Long Beach Blvd.
Brant Beach, NJ 08008
(609) 361-1000

Brigantine Beach

Brigantine Beach is located in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Brigantine Beach is perfect for travelers who want to vacation close to Atlantic City, but do not want to deal with the crowded, dirty beaches on the boardwalk. Brigantine is a clean, calm beach that is a welcome change from the more touristy beaches nearby. Here you will have plenty of room to toss a Frisbee without having to worry about hitting your neighbor in the head.
Brigantine Beach
1 Brigantine Ave.
Brigantine, NJ 08203
(609) 266-5233

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook is a quiet beach in Monmouth County that's perfect for day trips. There are no hotels on Sandy Hook, so you will either need to rent a house, stay with friends or stay in another nearby beach town. There is only one road, Route 36, that gives drivers access to Sandy Hook, so the beach is rarely crowded because it is so inaccessible from the other beaches. Because of the nearly unlimited beach space available just to you, Sandy Hook is the perfect place to set up your own net and play some volleyball. There is also a large clothing-optional area.
Sandy Hook State Park
84 Mercer Rd.
Fort Hancock, NJ 07732
(732) 291-7733


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