The Best Europe Vacation Packages

The Best Europe Vacation Packages
Europe has many natural splendors to explore. The best European vacation packages for the outdoor enthusiast combine treks such as hiking the Pyrenees, climbing in the Alps or going on a fishing boat tour in the Mediterranean, with cultural immersion and off-the-beaten-path cuisine tours.

National Geographic Packages

National Geographic Expeditions offers a range of sightseeing and travel options for solo adventurers, couples and families. These environmentally sustainable package vacations allow you to participate actively through exploring and learning about the culture and colors of the world.

Check out one of the 15 deals, with titles such as, "Exploring the Baltic's Historic Waterways" (visit World Heritage towns and marvel at the art in the Hermitage), "Explore the British and Irish Isles" (learn Gaelic culture while visiting Shetland ruins) or "Norway's Fjords and Arctic Svalbard" (kayaking inlets, hiking and meeting fishermen in local villages).

Each of these packages includes flight, accommodations, meals, tour guides and entrance fees.

Cosmos Budget Vacation Packages

Cosmos Budget Travel's motto, "Turning Dreams Into Reality" is true to its word. You can choose from packages that include hotel, airfare and day expenses for trips that cost much less than if you were to book each separately.

Taste the flavors and warm cultures of Spain, Portugal and Morocco, explore historic Greece or travel to European highlights of Holland, Switzerland and France in the European Sampler. Each of these trips boasts inclusive prices per day less than $150 and offers service bonuses such as translation, guides and insider shopping areas.

Trek Travel

The bicycle is a popular mode of transportation in Europe. To explore cities and cultures in Europe via bicycle is to fully appreciate the scenic views, music, aromas and historic cobblestone roads. An Italian glass of Chianti will taste so much better after riding your bike through the rolling vineyards. With that in mind, Trek Bicycles offers easy and moderate bicycle tours throughout France and Italy. These package vacations include airfare, accommodations, bike use and maintenance and food. It also offers exclusive wine tasting, archeological tours and cultural tours.


Online sources such as Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia can help you create your very own European vacation package. You can chose one or several package deals (flight and hotel) to shop for the best price.

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