Famous Beaches in Mexico

Famous Beaches in Mexico
Mexico is popular with visitors seeking to explore ancient ruins, view its natural beauty and of course, stroll along its beaches. Check with a travel agency or the Mexican Embassy regarding entry requirements and current information on traveling safely. The climate in Mexico is typically tropical. Usual temperatures in the winter months average 80 degrees, while temperatures from May through July can be as high as 110 degrees. If you plan to travel to Mexico from July to about September, keep in mind that this is Mexico's rainy season.


Cancun is a city on the Mexican coast that is renowned for being a destination of choice for students partying on spring break. Cancun has many beaches to choose from. Although legally, all of Mexico's beaches are open to the public, hotels often discourage non-guests from using "their" stretch of the beach. However, they can only prohibit you from entering or exiting the beach via the hotel; they cannot prohibit you from using the beach. If you're looking for a family-friendly beach, try the Playa Langosta. It has calm, gentle waves and a nearby ice cream shop. The Playa Tortugas is known for being a popular destination for sailing, snorkeling, kayaking and paragliding. If you're looking for a beach that offers surfing lessons, try the Playa Delfines. This beach does have more treacherous swimming, however, so swim only if you see a green flag posted. A green or blue flag indicates calm water, a yellow flag tells you to be cautious and a red or black flag means danger.


Acapulco is a coastal city with plenty of nightlife. It also offers many choices for beach lovers. If you're looking for privacy, the Playa la Angosta is a small cove with few visitors. Playas Caleta and Caletilla (separated by an aquarium and a water park), are popular with fishermen. At the end of the day, you can purchase freshly caught seafood. Popular swimming destinations include Roqueta Island, Playa Puerto Marques and Revolcadero Beach. At many beach locations, you can rent gear such as beach chairs, waterskis and scuba diving equipment.

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is an ideal choice for visitors seeking to escape the more developed parts of Mexico. This 5-mile-long island features flat beaches at its northern end and rocky bluffs at the southern end. The Playa Norte features calm, turquoise water and plenty of local bars. You can also rent snorkeling equipment, sailboards, floats and Jet Skis. If you're looking for an up-close look at marine life, visit the Playa Lancheros. This beach has a pen containing harmless nurse sharks. If you'd rather not swim with the sharks, relax at the area's open-air restaurant instead. The Playa Tiburon also has nurse sharks; however, this beach is a bit more developed.


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