List of Summer Festival Events in Austin, Texas

List of Summer Festival Events in Austin, Texas
Austin is considered by many to be the cultural mecca of Texas. Besides being the capital of the state, it is also home to one of the most prestigious Texas colleges, the University of Texas, as well as to a regular calendar of festivals, concerts, parades and other outdoor events.

Texas Greek Festival

You don't need to be of Greek descent to enjoy this early summer event filled with food, dancing, kids activities and live music. Held at the Austin Museum of Art, all proceeds from ticket sales and donations at the festival go to local charities. Adults are charged a modest fee for admission, while children under 12 get in for free.

Republic of Texas Biker Rally

Harley lovers of the South unite. This is one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in Texas. It features bike tricks, concerts, vendor booths, and demonstrations by Master Builders. There is also a schedule of events such as wrestling, bike tricks, comedy, wrestling, and Xtreme Fighting. All participants of the rally need to register for the June event, and separate costs may be charged for events such as the Xtreme Fighting.

Texas Hill Country Railfair and Festival

Both model trains and real trains are the guests of honor at this June festival held in the hill country near Austin. You can ride to the event on an authentic steam train, the Hill Country Flyer. Vendors are on-hand to sell merchandise catering to the train enthusiast, while education exhibits are put on display. Admission to the festival is free if you arrive via the Hill Country Flyer or the Bertram Local train, though a modest fee is charged if you arrive by other means.

Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival

For a city with a funny name, this 4th of July festival means serious fun business. There is live music, food and drinks, activities for the kids, and a large fireworks display to cap off the evening. Held in Lake Pflugerville Park, this festival has free admission and paid parking nearby (or free parking if you use a shuttle lot).

Austin Ice Cream Festival

Celebrating the more innocent days of summers gone by, this August event invites all people and their pets to attend a day of live entertainment, games and ice cream. Proceeds from the festival go to local charities. Adults are required to pay for admission, but children 12 and under can attend for free. Many of the ice creams are available for free with admission, though some may come with an extra charge.


Do you love bats? Do you want to see them in the thousands? Then this late August event is the festival for you. Taking place around the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, each year tens of thousands of visitors come together to see educational displays, buy crafts, and watch Mexican free tail bats. There is a charge for adults to attend while children 10 and under can go for free.

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