Things to Do on Maryland's Eastern Shore

Things to Do on Maryland's Eastern Shore
As the more rural side of the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland's Eastern Shore has a lot to offer to people who are looking for outdoor fun. The combination of green and brown water with flat, scenic countryside make it a great place for fishing, boating and biking. Pick where you what to go and what you want to do from the following list.

Fishing and Crabbing

Combining the Chesapeake Bay with a number of rivers, such as the Choptank, the Eastern Shore area has plenty of fishing opportunities. You can rent a boat and head out on a fishing trip in the Bay, where the catch includes blue fish, rockfish, croaker, flounder and striped bass. You can also take smaller boats into the river tidal areas, or even farther up river and go after perch and catfish. Another option is pier fishing, or from shore in a nice waterfront spot as can be found around Oxford or St. Michael's. Finally, virtually any pier on the Eastern Shore is a good place to throw a crab net over the side.
Bill Burton Fishing Piers State Park
29761 Bolingbroke Point Dr.
Trappe, MD 21673
(410) 820-1668


The marshy coast of the Eastern Shore is littered with islands, sandbars, and the mouths of numerous creeks and rivers. It is a playground for sea kayakers. For example, there is South Marsh Island, a 3,200-acre Maryland Wildlife Management Area which has barely any dry land at all. The entire "island" is made up of creeks and marshes. There is also the Nature Conservancy's Nassawango Creek Preserve, the largest private reserve in the state. Pocomoke River State Park also offers opportunities to canoe or come in from the sea by kayak. Bird watchers will find that a canoe or kayak is probably the best way to get into a good position to observe the area's legion of waterfowl.
Pocomoke River State Forest and Park
3461 Worcester Hwy.
Snow Hill, MD 21863
(410) 632-2566


The Eastern Shore of Maryland is practically flat, making it easy and pleasant to ride for mile after mile. Going for a bike ride is a great way to explore the undulating coastal area of the Chesapeake Bay, taking in its marvelous views and many small waterfront towns. A ride in this area will really only be as challenging as the distance traveled, making it a good choice for both serious and casual cyclists.

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