Famous Ecotourism Sites

Famous Ecotourism Sites
With a trend toward conservation and appreciation of nature, many ecotourism sites have sprung up all over the world. These sites emphasize the beauty and the fragility of nature as well as our duty as the most dominant creatures to preserve it.

Popa Mountain Park, Myanmar

The purpose of this park is to preserve the ecological systems around Popa Mountain and to showcase the diversity of this land to those who may not already know of its beauty. This is the home of about 150 dusky leaf monkeys, which are usually scarce. Additionally, over 140 species of birds inhabit this park.

Popa Mountain Park, Myanmar
(778) 389-0800 (within the U.S.)

Grand Etang Lake and National Park, Grenada

In the Caribbean Sea sits the island of Grenada. In the center of this island is a popular ecotourism destination, Grand Etang Lake. The lush rainforest is a favorite of tourists as they walk along the marked trails.

Grenada Board of Tourism
Burns Point, PO Box 293, St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
Email: gbt@spiceisle.com
Phone:+1 473 440 2001/2279
Fax:+1 473 440 6637

Busingiro, Uganda

This site is famous for its chimpanzee population. There are an estimated 800 chimpanzees at this ecotourism site. Guides are even provided to take tourists on primate tracking expeditions. Nature trails are also laid out for folks who like to walk on their own. The ecosystem here is fragile, so visitors must follow a certain code of conduct so as not to overstress the animals found herein.

Kapawi Ecolodge and Reserve, Ecuador

This reserve was started by the Achuar people to help raise awareness of economic alternatives that are also ecologically sound. They are currently working with a partner, the business FINAE. By 2011, the Achuar tribe will be controlling the entire operation on their own.

Kapawi Ecolodge and Reserve
Urbanizacion Santa Leonor Mz.
5 Solar 10, Guayaquil
Guayas, Ecuador
Email: canodros@canodros.com Your browser may not support display of this image.
Phone: 5934-2285-711
Fax: 5934-2287-651
Toll Free (USA & Canada): (800)-613-6026

Gayana Eco Resort, Malaysia

Ecotourism is quickly becoming the most popular form of tourism for Malaysia, especially at the Gayana Eco Resort. With such a boom in ecotourism, many opponents fear that the over-visitation of these sites will end up harming the environment more than helping it. But Gayana strives to give visitors a great look at nature.

Gayana Eco Resort
Gaya Island
Malohom Bay
Tunku Abdul Rahman Park
Kota Kinabalu,
FAX: +60.88.475.714

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