Vacation Packing List for Kids

Vacation Packing List for Kids
To make the most of your vacation, it is important to bring along essential items so that you don't end up in need of something you can't get while you are out on the trails. This advice is even more crucial when you are traveling outdoors with children. Composing a comprehensive packing list for your kid's supplies will ensure that you pack everything they will need to be safe and have a terrific time.

Layered Clothing

Whether your destination is a warm or cold climate, there can be significant variations in temperature between night and day. For this reason, it is best to include clothing the child can wear in layers. In the sun, short sleeves can be comfortable, but at night, in a tent or camper, children may need winter sleepers or long underwear.

Weather Gear

An unexpected rainstorm or snow flurry can either ruin or make a trip, depending on how well prepared you are for them. With waterproof boots and a raincoat, wet weather can become a really good time. Be sure to bring along a warm jacket and snow boots for cold temperatures.

Kid Gear

When packing your own supplies for the trip, don't forget the kid-friendly versions. Children will want to feel like they are full-fledged campers just like you. Bring along kid-sized sleeping bags and a flashlight for each child, to avoid fights. Bring snacks that kids can prepare for themselves without having to use a camping stove or fire.


Even when roughing it, growing teeth and skin need to be gently cared for. Whether you bathe in a stream or have access to showers, little eyes need tear-free soap, training toothpaste and small-headed toothbrushes. Supply stores near your destination may not carry specialty items for kids. Be sure to pack your child's own toiletries so that she doesn't have to go without during your trip.

Trailblazing Baby Carrier

If you will be engaging in nature hikes during your vacation and you have a very small child with you, invest in a backpack-type carrier to secure the child to your back. Strollers don't do well out in nature, and little children may not be able to keep up with the grownups. The best place for a small child is safely on your back.

Entertainment Items

The great outdoors and most hotels don't come with toys. Although you may have a fun-filled trip planned, there will probably be times before bed and while you are getting ready that the kids have nothing to do. To occupy their minds, bring along some coloring books and crayons or a puzzle or two. Keep them stored in waterproof plastic bags to protect them from the weather.

Article Written By Diane Todd

Diane Todd holds a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication from North Carolina State University and is a former video and web producer for a North Carolina multimedia agency. She also spent several years as a media specialist/graphics designer for the Cumberland County school system in Fayetteville, N.C.

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