Comparing Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Comparing Polar Heart Rate Monitors
Polar is arguably the leading manufacturer of heart rate monitors, with an expansive product line of devices dedicated specifically to training for running, cycling, and general fitness. When combined with their plethora of accessories, the Polar product line can be a confusing tangle for someone who is unfamiliar with heart rate monitors, especially those with advanced functions. A good guide and a solid idea of what you want is necessary to go shopping for a Polar heart rate monitor.


The FT60 is an example of a cross-training and fitness heart rate monitor. It has all the general heart rate monitor functions one should expect from Polar. It indicates heart rate as both a number and a percentage of the maximum. It stores the basic data, such as maximum heart rate and total exercise time, and comes with a calorie counter. It is water resistant to 98 feet (30 meters), so it can be taken into the pool. Accessories include the G1 GPS pod, for accurate distance and speed measurements. The FT60 is a good example of a monitor for someone who wants a good measurement tool to help them achieve general fitness goals.


This is a serious, competitive cyclist's heart rate monitor. It has an altimeter to provide climb and descent data, as well as measuring inclines. It provides an odometer, thermometer and measures speed. The monitor is water resistant to 164 feet (50 meters). The main accessories are the W.I.N.D. series cadence, speed, and GPS sensors. The cadence sensor tracks revolutions per minute, and is a valuable technique-monitoring tool. The GPS sensor provides more accurate distance and movement data, and the speed sensor is self-explanatory. All of this data can be downloaded into your computer, fed into Polar's software and used to provide analyzed information on your training program.


This heart rate monitor is described as being for "enthusiast runners." It combines the standard heart rate monitor capability with a calorie counter and speed and distance measurements. It also stores up to 16 sessions in its memory, making crunching your workout data a lot easier. Available accessories include the G1 GPS receiver pod and the S1 foot pod, either of which offer more accurate data for speed and distance. There is also a bike mount, so it can be converted into a cyclist's monitor in a pinch. The unit is water resistant down to 164 feet, so it can double as a basic dive watch and can easily be taken into the swimming pool for laps. Overall, the RS300X is a good, all-around heart rate monitor for someone who is serious about staying fit but not necessarily engaged in a regular, competitive sport.

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