The Best Running Socks for Blisters

The Best Running Socks for Blisters
Blisters on the feet can be an unsightly and painful result of running in moist, cotton or poorly-fitted socks. However, blisters are easily treatable and can be prevented by wearing proper socks while exercising. Many sock brands offer technologically-advanced socks made of synthetic materials (such as CoolMax) that help prevent blisters by wicking moisture away from the skin. Created specifically for runners and sport enthusiasts, these socks are a solid investment, keeping feet cool, dry, comfortable and blister-free.

Trail Runners

Trail runners should consider specific synthetic socks to help prevent foot blisters. Socks should be durable and functional against extreme terrain (such as crossing a stream), diverse weather conditions and various running distances. Socks by Feetures! benefit runners who exercise outdoors and may sweat more excessively than others. These sock styles can help reduce and prevent blisters on the feet by absorbing sweat quickly off the skin with new fabric combinations, such as bamboo. Trail Runners who find their feet sliding around in their socks should consider options by DryMax. Varied styles have a ribbed-fabric design made from a synthetic-blend material that holds the foot in place and repels water. Consider socks by DarnTough for longer trail runs. These styles are thicker in material but work well under a variety of conditions and outdoor sports.

Short-Distance Runners

Athletes who frequently run short-distances should consider socks designed to reduce chafing under a variety of weather conditions. The lightweight socks designed by Teko can be a perfect companion to short-distance running, as they keep feet dry (preventing foot blisters) and warm during cooler training months. Runners who appreciate thicker-sock styles but hope to prevent painful blisters can seek comfort in the Italian-made Eurosocks. Technological advances in foot ventalition allow the foot to breathe and keep dry. Additionally, Eurosocks are a non-bulky style that reduce wrinkling along the feet (another cause of running blisters). Short-distance runners have the advantage of choosing from a great variety of socks that are thin, comfortable and breathable (such as Pearl Izumi) that don't necessarily require foot warmth and durability. Look for styles that have a mesh toe-bed or ribbed arch that helps reduce foot friction.


Marathoners require socks that are both durable and functional for long runs. Preventing foot blisters is imperative during marathon training, as a foot blister can be painful and negatively influence training programs. Consider sock styles, such as Nike Elite Structure, that have advanced two-layer designs. Promoting comfort in addition to support, these socks will keep feet dry and pain-free during weekly long runs. Additionally, marathoners should look for socks made from materials such as Lycra and the trademarked performance fabric "CoolMax." These running socks help promote foot health by preventing blisters, pulling sweat from the skin, keeping feet cool during runs of longer duration and reducing toe friction during training.

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