Places to Travel to in France

Places to Travel to in FranceExperience Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park, hike up Mont Blanc or bike the Loire Chateaux. France is full of fantastic outdoor adventures that allow you to take in the majestic Alps, extensive rivers and beaches along the Mediterranean Sea. Choosing a place is one of the hardest parts of the travel. Find out more about what outdoor destinations in France are waiting for you. (Pictured: Loire Valley, Chambord Castle, France)

Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park

Located in Eastern France, Alsace is nestled within the dramatic Vosges Mountains. Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park draws outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world for its varied habitats, diverse wildlife and historic castles that dot the landscape. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization named this park the "World Biosphere Reserve." The park features more than 1025 miles of hiking or biking trails, the largest concentration of castles in Europe and 20 different museums. Numerous villages and towns near and within the region all provide tourists with their own unique culture and heritage. Wintertime ushers in a whole variety of outdoor activities like skiing, ice skating and snow shoeing. Choose to stay at a campsite, bed and breakfast or hotel. To get to Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park, fly in to either Strasbourg Airport or Basel-Mulhouse Airport.

Northern Voseges Regional Nature Park
67290 La Petite Pierre
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Hiking Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is Western Europe's highest peak at 15,771 feet. The mountain lies with the region Haute-Savoie, France. Chamonix is one of the most famous resorts for travelers to stay in while skiing, hiking or snow shoeing the mountainside. The town's ritzy atmosphere and spectacular view of mountain peaks lends itself to a comfortable stay. Get an overview of the entire area by taking the Bellevue Cable Car. Prepare for your hike by taking advantage of the numerous sports supply stores in the area. Many outdoor adventure guides are available to assist you to the top of the summit of Mont Blanc and you are even able to find vacation package deals that include airfare, hotels stays and professional nature guides. Climbing and hiking Mont Blanc should be left to seasoned veterans. The tricky footing, unpredictable climate change and high altitude even for an experienced hiker is difficult. However, the region has 217 miles of other trails that are better suited for intermediate hikers.

Biking Châteaux Loire Valley (pictured at top)

Loire Valley is also known as the Garden of France for its breathtaking green carpeted landscape. The Châteaux Loire Valley has more than 300 architecturally exquisite examples of the French chateaux. Most of the chateaux were built between the tenth and sixteenth centuries before the focus of the kingdom of France was placed primarily on Paris. While some of these homes are privately owned, there are quite a number of them that are open to the public. Most bike tours focus on the center of the Château region. Most of the biking is relaxed without having to put forth strenuous effort. Along the way there are historical landmarks, cultural pockets of towns and villages and a rolling landscape brimming with flowers. For those who want to fall in love with France, take a bike ride through one of its most beautiful parts.

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