The Best Speckled Trout Lures

The Best Speckled Trout LuresSpeckled trout are also known as specs, trout or spotted weakfish and are a rather popular fish, saltwater anglers go for. They are related to the croaker family of fish. In many areas of the country, they're so popular there is a season when you can and cannot catch and keep the fish. Though the big ones that are 20 inches and over, might not be as numerous as they once were, the little guys still put up a great fight. This is one of the reasons fishing for speckled trout is so popular--they're fighting makes them one of the funniest fish to land. Though live shrimp makes a tasty meal for a hungry speckled trout, there are still artificial lures on the market that will get the same results. The best thing about using them over live bait is, you don't have to keep purchasing bait.


Silver spoons seem to work best when fishing for speckled trout. You can purchase them at your local bait or outdoor store and they're relatively cheap. A variety of weights and sizes of spoons can be found and there's no certain one that is better than the other, when fishing for trout. Spoons seem to be quite effective, especially when the weather is warmer. When reeling in your silver spoon, change up the depth and the speed of the retrieve.


Fishlike Lures

When the weather is cooler, fishlike lures seem to be rather effective in catching speckled trout. When fishing with these type of lures, it's best to retrieve the lure slowly, keeping it off the bottom, to entice the fish to bite. When using fishlike lures, change your retrieve, color, weight and size of the lure, to have a better chance of enticing a trout to bite your bait. There is a wide variety of these lures to choose from and if you're unsure of which one to choose, ask the locals what's working best for them.


Jigs are a great artificial bait to use to catch speckled trout, especially worm jigs. This is another bait that's best fished with a variety of action, colors and depths. Jigs can be use with or without using a cork. These type of baits are rather effective when used at night under lights where the trout are congregating to feed. Colors such as white, bright pink, brown and dark red, are proven to work well, in catching speckled trout.

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