Mountaineering Essential Gear

Mountaineering Essential Gear
Essential mountaineering gear varies considerably---depending if you are thinking of simply hiking up a snowy mountain or intend to go backpacking and perhaps stay overnight during the summer months. But there are some basics that every mountaineer should bring along. Read on and learn about some gear that will keep you safe, make the trip more enjoyable and provide functionality so that you will not have to abandon your ascend after it has barely begun. Remember that a full list of mountaineering essential gear is always dependent on the conditions you anticipate and copious research of the locale ahead of time is a must.

Choose Mountaineering Essential Gear

Compile a list of mountaineering essentials that take into consideration the terrain you expect to traverse. For example, if you are anticipating a rocky topography, you most likely will have little use for an ice axe. Know ahead of time the weather conditions you are likely to run into, the overall layout of the route, and also any weather extremes that you may encounter.

Essential Gear When Mountaineering in Snow and Ice

Bring along crampons---such as Black Diamond equipment Neve Strap crampons---when you are anticipating snow. Hard snow in particular necessitates the use of these long spikes to offer a secure footing going uphill or downhill.
For powdery and deep snow, snowshoes are an essential bit of mountaineering gear. Since snow and ice frequently occur together, take along an ice axe that helps with climbing steeper terrain.
A snow shovel is crucial for the sake of piling up snow prior to preparing a snow cave that then may serve as a temporary shelter, should you get caught overnight on the mountain.

Mountaineering Gear for Rocky Terrain

Choose rock climbing and also bouldering equipment when there is an absence of ice or snow but plentiful rock. Carabiners (such as the Petzl Tibloc ultra light ascender), climbing harnesses, belay devices, a helmet, rappelling tools and also camming devices are crucial for safely mountaineering a rocky topography that also takes you over several rock faces. Ropes and chalk bags may also come in handy, especially if your mountaineering trek turns more into more of a rock climbing adventure.

Mountaineering Essential Gear for Any Occasion

Pack all-occasion mountaineering gear to keep you safe no matter what kind of terrain you expect. Most notably this includes a map of the area, compass, cell phone with a fully charged battery, and---if possible---a GPS device. Bring along a flashlight with extra batteries, a loud whistle to signify your location if necessary, and some kindling to start a fire in an emergency. In addition to the clothes you are wearing, bring along an extra change of clothes, food, water, first aid supplies and sunscreen.

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