Things to Do in Virginia Beach With Kids

Things to Do in Virginia Beach With Kids
Virginia Beach offers family getaways to suit every kind of traveler. Miles and miles of beaches, mini- and professional golf courses are dotted throughout the area, walking trails and pathways wind throughout hotels and suburbs, and every kind of activity imaginable is available. Children won't be able to make up their minds when choosing from swimming with dolphins, splashing in the water parks and pools, checking out the surf camps and amusement parks and learning water sports. It's an adventure vacation for the whole family.

Adventure Sailing Aboard Iggy Biggy

Iggy Biggy, a 51-foot sailing yacht, welcomes mini-sailors ages 4 and older. The 2-hour sail includes snacks and refreshments. With a limit of six guests per sailing, Iggy Biggy shipmates get close-up encounters with the ship, even taking the helm to guide the boat. Sailors often find dolphins swimming next to the boat along with other marine life. Iggy Biggy sails from Rudee Inlet, which is at the southern strip of Virginia Beach, taking sailors to the historic point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Chesapeake Bay. Full safety equipment (for all size passengers) is on board.

17th Street and Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 358-5800

Boogie at Dance Heads

Dance Heads is a unique experience that combines singing, dancing, kids' heads and bodies swapped with dancers' and take-home DVDs, all on an oceanfront setting. After settling in, kids select songs they'd like to sing along to, design their cartoon "bodies," and then step into place. While a recorder snaps every note, laugh and giggle, the system syncs the children's heads onto the cartoon bodies, which dance to the music. After, families can view and take home the DVDs of their children's performance.

1400 Atlantic Ave., Unit 210
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 491-4323

Rent Bikes and Blades

Adventurous kids don't want to sit in the sand all day. At Cherie's, you can rent in-line skates and bicycles (including tandem ones for the whole family), with many locations throughout the area. This a perfect way to enjoy Virginia Beach's three mile boardwalk, which runs from 1st Street to 40th. Cherie's has 12 locations, many in front of resorts and clustered along the beach. Their website offers coupons and updates on rental equipment.

705 Atlantic Ave.
Virginia Beach, VA 23458
(757) 437-8888

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center provides children an opportunity to get close to sea life from a direction other than the ocean. An IMAX 3D experience brings to life large animal encounters not seen anywhere else. The animal gallery provides access to many animals in replicas of their natural habitats, including turtles, owls, sharks, rays and seals. The aquarium also presents specialty displays that rotate seasonally and for holidays such as Halloween.

717 General Booth Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 385-7777

Kayak Nature Tours

All skill levels are included in this 2.5-hour kayak tour in single or double kayaks. A half-day tour is also available. Professional guides help both seasoned and novice kayakers every step of the way. You will get wet when kayaking, so bring towels, bathing suits or clothes you don't mind getting in the water. Every kayak tour is different exciting, from a fresh water swamp to the Atlantic Ocean to a salt marsh.

110 West Randall Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23503
(888) 669-8368

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