Sightseeing Views in San Francisco

Sightseeing Views in San Francisco
There is a reason San Francisco is one of the most heavily visited cities in the United States. Located in California, the city boasts a number of natural and man-made beauties for anyone who travels to the area. Some of the most famous sightseeing views in the city have even been immortalized by Hollywood and popular culture. There are even a wide variety of outdoor activities you can engage in while at each of these areas if you're an outdoor activity enthusiast.


Perhaps one of the most famous attractions in San Francisco is Alcatraz Island. Formerly a federal penitentiary that housed only the most hardened of criminals, Alcatraz is now a full fledged tourist attraction. It is positioned in the San Francisco Bay, close to a mile and a half from the shore in any direction. There are ferries that will take tourists out to Alcatraz Island, at which point they can take a number of guided tours of the famous landmark.

As Alcatraz Island is quite large in size, a good pair of walking shoes is recommended. The total area of the island is more than 22 acres in size so even people who opt out of guided indoor tours and instead choose to walk around the grounds and explore will get in quite the workout. A person could easily spend an afternoon just walking around the exterior of Alcatraz Island.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Another well known landmark in the San Francisco area is the Golden Gate Bridge. Constructed in 1937, it is the second largest suspension bridge of its kind in the United States. Geographically it is positioned right as the San Francisco Bay empties out into the Pacific Ocean. Tourists can both drive their cars and walk along the bridge as they see fit. The Golden Gate Bridge can also be observed from the shoreline in many areas of the city, including the San Francisco Bay.

The Golden Gate Bridge is quite large, coming it at close to 2 miles in length. As opposed to driving the length of the bridge, outdoor enthusiasts can instead opt to either bike along it or walk it. Not only is this a great way to take in one of the most famous landmarks in San Francisco while spending time outdoors, but doing so will also offer a terrific view of the San Francisco Bay area.

San Francisco Bay

The San Francisco Bay is one of the naturally occurring attractions in the San Francisco area. The water in the bay travels from as far as the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges through the bay and into the Pacific Ocean. There are a number of cruise lines that offer tours of the bay, including taking tourists around Alcatraz Island. The San Francisco Bay is also home to many businesses, shops and restaurants that can be a great way to relax in between bouts of sightseeing.

Visiting the San Francisco Bay area will involve a lot of walking, so it is a good idea to bring comfortable shoes with you along the trip. There are a lot of services that will accommodate people who enjoy physical activities while outdoors, including bike rentals and the option to rent paddle boats to explore areas of the bay from the water.

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