Camping at Shaver Lake, California

Camping at Shaver Lake, California
Shaver Lake is a small waterfront community and campground located in the pine forests of the High Sierras just outside of Fresno, California. Shaver Lake provides a wide range of recreational activities, from boating to hiking, making it a camping destination that is both safe for families with small children while being exciting enough for more adventurous visitors.


Shaver Lake was named after a pioneer lumberman named C. B. Shaver who built a small dam in the river to create a pond for loggers and their families in 1893. This pond was later converted to Shaver Lake by the Pacific Light & Power Corporation, which is now called Southern California Edison Co. The goal was to make Shaver Lake part of a project to harness hydroelectric power for the local communities. Today the lake still generates power for many homes and businesses. Shortly after, Southern California Edison Co. opened its community project, Camp Edison, on the banks of Shaver Lake making it a recreational destination for camping.



Camp Edison is owned and operated by Southern California Edison Co. and offers many amenities that other campsites do not. Every campsite is located within a dense pine forest providing much needed shade during the summer days. There is easy access to electricity, free cable TV and Internet if needed because of the hydroelectric power coming from Shaver Lake. The campsite is nestled between the waterfront and the numerous hiking trails surrounding the area. Camp Edison's pine forest location provides visitors with the feeling of being alone in the woods but still knowing they are safe because of the closeness of the town.

Camp Edison
42696 Tollhouse Road
Shaver Lake, CA‎ 93664
(559) 841-3134‎

Water Sports

Shaver Lake can support water activities, such as boating, trout fishing, kayaking, jet skis and swimming. Located near Camp Edison is Shaver Lake Watersports, where visitors can rent everything from canoes and kayaks to a 25 foot pontoon boat for days on the lake. Regardless how boaters get around the lake, there are endless alcoves and inlets for a boater to explore, sunbathe and go for a swim.

Shaver Lake Watersports
4400 Tollhouse Road
Shaver Lake, CA 93664


One of the treats about camping at Shaver Lake is the abundance of quartz found in the creek and lake beds. Quartz laced with purple amethyst can be dug up out of the sand with simple hand tools at low tide along the shores of Shaver Lake. One place to look is Amethyst Cove on the eastern shore of Shaver Lake and can be reached by boat.


Day long hikes are plentiful in the Shaver Lake area. Most day excursions require a short drive from the center of town to clear marked trail heads and are easy enough for hikers of any level. Two of the more commonly hiked trails listed in "A Walker's Companion to the Shaver Lake and Huntington Lake Regions" would be the Rancheria Falls and the Indian Pools, both just north of Shaver Lake in the Huntington Lake area. These two hikes end at beautiful waterfalls and the Indian Pools trail has a pool deep enough to swim in as a well earned reward, depending on the season and rainfall. If a day long hike is not desired, there are numerous walks available directly around Shaver Lake and Camp Edison.


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