Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas
Infamous for its nightlife and beloved for its beautiful scenery, Cabo San Lucas is a jewel on the Baja Pennisula defined by turquoise-blue waters, pristine beaches and a year-round, sunny climate. A resort destination that attracts multitudes of tourists, Cabo San Lucas offers much more than margaritas, parties and tequila; namely, a variety of trails to hike, an array of beaches to explore, abundant waters to fish and a bounty of wildlife to admire. When in Cabo, enjoy the sizzling nightlife and clubs, but make time for the many outdoor adventures that await.


For water enthusiasts, there is no shortage of things to do in Cabo San Lucas, which fronts the beautiful, blue Pacific Ocean in the Baja Pennisula. Places such as Land's End, Santa Maria Bay and Pez Gato provide scenic backdrops for a stellar day in paradise, where you can partake in such activities as parasailing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, boating, fishing, and even wind surfing, if the conditions are right.


In Cabo San Lucas, anglers of all abilities will discover some of the most ideal sportfishing opportunities in the world, especially when it comes to marlin fishing. Marking the entryway to "Marlin Alley," also known as the "Marlin Capital of the World," Harbor Cabo San Lucas is home to more than 500 fishing vessels ready for chartering. Whether you charter a private fishing boat or motor your own boat down the coast from California, the waters off Cabo San Lucas teem with yellowtail, dorado, swordfish, wahoo, snapper and more.

Beach Activities

You may want to watch migrating whales, do a little snorkeling in tranquil, blue waters, stroll along white sandy shores, or simply soak up the sun. Regardless of your impulses on any given day, Cabo San Lucas' many beaches beckon visitors to experience the authentic, natural beauty of this popular seaside destination. Wildlife viewing is also on the itinerary at such places as San Jose del Cabo, where an estuary plays hosts to more than 350 species of birds, vegetation and marine life. Playa de Amor is a hidden gem that can be accessed by water taxi or hiked to by foot.

Run, Hike and Bike

Travelers with adventure in mind will enjoy the Land's End area of Cabo San Lucas, where mountain trails offer a variety of hiking for all skill levels, while sand dunes provide the perfect setting for ATV riding. Parasailers will enjoy flying high above Medano Beach, where horseback riders take to the sand to gallop along the beach for a thrill ride like no other.

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