List of Mountains in Acadia

List of Mountains in Acadia
Acadia National Park is a reserve on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and makes up a majority of the islands that reside off the southern coast of Maine. Acadia is comprised of several mountains where visitors can go to enjoy outdoor activities. The mountains of Acadia were formed from tectonic plate activity under the earth in conjunction with glacial melting. Although there are several mountains in Acadia, a few standout as the best for outdoor enthusiasts.

Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain is the highest point in Acadia National Park. This mountain can be seen from several places on the islands as well as the mainland of Maine. Cadillac Mountain has the distinct honor of being the first place in the United States to see the first hint of sun during the months of October through the beginning of March.
This mountain was formed through the tectonic action of the earth below it, but it formed with a large glacier on its peak. The glacier eventually melted and fell from the top of the mountain, so it is not as tall as millions of years ago when it formed. To visit the top of Cadillac Mountain, visitors can take a short 3.5-mile hike or road trip up the side of the mountain. At the summit, there are several hiking trails and view points to enjoy the wildlife and scenic displays.


Bubble Mountains

Bubble Mountains are a set of "twin" mountains that overlook the water in Acadia National Park. Bubble Mountains are separated as the North and South Mountain. When looking at the water that surrounds them, they look the same. However, each Mountain has different trails and unique features. The North Mountain is the tallest with an elevation of 872 feet. The South Mountain is the smallest at only 766 feet. Each mountain is close in proximity with the other, so hikers are able to visit both within the same day. Park Loop Road borders both mountains at its base. There is no road to the top of these two mountains, so hikers must travel to the summit by foot.

Sargent Mountain

Sargent Mountain is the second-highest mountain in Acadia National Park. Its height is 1,373 feet above sea level. Sargent Mountain is filled with wildlife and has a short hiking trail to the summit. The trail to the top is two miles long, so a total hiking trip is four miles for the day. Hiking Sargent Mountain is considered one of the more novice trails in Acadia National Park. The trail to the top of the mountain crisscrosses over water, and one of the scenic views includes Waterfall Bridge. Once travelers get to the top of the mountain, they can see the Appalachian Mountains.


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