List of Woodland Animals in Australia

List of Woodland Animals in Australia
Australia is a continent that has some of the strangest forms of wildlife anywhere on Earth. There are a number of animals that live in Australia that are found nowhere else on the planet, with many of these species being marsupials--mammals that carry their young around in a pouch. In addition, Australia is home to several species of snakes, many of which are extremely venomous. The woodlands of Australia provide habitat for many of these animals.

Kangaroos and Wallabies

The red kangaroo is the largest marsupial in the world and is found throughout much of Australia, including the woodlands. The gray kangaroo along with three types of tree kangaroo are also native to these regions. The wallaby, a close cousin of the kangaroo, is represented by such species as the quokka, the swamp wallaby, the red-necked wallaby, the black-footed wallaby and the pandemelon.

Koalas and Wombats

The most famous animal in Australia is the koala; it is a marsupial and not a bear. These creatures live in the woodlands, dining on eucalyptus leaves. The wombat lives in partly forested areas and eats grasses and roots. It is an excellent burrower and spends much of the time digging.

Carnivorous Marsupials

There are carnivorous marsupials in Australia's woodlands, including the Tazmanian devil, which exists on the island off of the nation's southeastern coast. The agile antechinus, the eastern quoll, the tiger quoll, the fat-tailed false antichinus and the numbat are all marsupials that eat insects, lizards and/or other small animals.

Dog Family

Australia's lone native representative of the dog family is the dingo, which is widespread throughout the island continent. The red fox was introduced into Australia during the mid-1800s and became quite populous. There are red foxes everywhere except the far north and on Tasmania.

Other Mammals

Other mammals that frequent the Aussie woodlands include the sugar glider, which is seemingly a cross between a squirrel and a possum. The cuscus lives in the woodlands along with five kinds of possums. The bandicoot resides in these wooded regions; it is the same size as a very large rabbit. The platypus and the echidna are two of this land's oddest living creatures. The former has webbed feet, a bill like a duck and venomous spurs on its hind legs, while the echidna is covered with spines much like an American porcupine and subsists on ants and termites.

Poisonous Snakes

Some of the world's most dangerous venomous snake species are found in the woodlands of Australia. The death adder is one, and the lowland copperhead is another. The eastern tiger snake is among the most deadly of Australia's serpents, as is the coastal taipan. The red-bellied black snake and the eastern brown snake are another pair of poisonous species that dwell in wooded areas.

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